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Help with burning Star Wars Episode IV v2.7 AVCHD

Looking for some technical help: I have downloaded the 2.7 version of Episode IV using the AVCHD links because I’d like to burn it to a disc. However, both the manual and multipart DLs don’t extract an ISO file, it extracts an AVDHD Collection file called “BDMV” that I can’t seem to get any program I have to recognize and either burn with directly, or convert to an ISO. It’s the darndest thing, too, because the other three movies come down straight with ISOs that I can pop into my software and burn in 10 minutes. Aaarrrggghh 😛

I have Mac OS and I have Windows 10. Any help would be amazing.

This is what I tried, using my own googling skills: extracting the folders from the AVCHD Collection file, creating a .cdr image file using Disk Utility, and then converting that .cdr file to an ISO using terminal. However, even following the instructions to the letter on that last step, the resulting converted file still had a .cdr extension, and when I changed it to an ISO and burned that image finally, the disc would not play. I received a “data corrupt” message.

…help? I can’t seem to find the right information from google on what to do with an AVCHD Collection file in terms of burning that to a Blu-Ray disc.