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Help: looking for... Friday the 13th - Alternate Versions...

I was wondering if anyone could help me in getting copies of the alternate cuts from the Friday the 13th sequels. I had an old data disc with copies of everything, and after I finally found it in a box in the basement so I could watch them while I’m stuck inside, I realized the disc no longer works.

I believe this is what I’m search of.

The Final Chapter - Workprint & TV Version
A New Beginning - Version 2 & TV Version
Jason Lives - Workprint/Workprint Composite & TV Version
A New Blood - Workprint Composite
Jason Takes Manhattan - TV Version
Jason Goes to Hell - TV Version & Workprint

Or any others if there are more that I’m unaware of. Any format is fine, and any help is greatly appreciated.

Help: looking for... Halloween Resurrection (2002) - AMC TV Cut

langham said:

I can fill in any gaps.

I have the NBC broadcast of Halloween, the TV cut of Halloween II, all alternate versions of Curse, the workprint and TV cuts of H20 and both workprints of Resurrection.

I think all I’m missing is the TV cut of Resurrection and the “ultimate cut” of Halloween II if you happen to have that as well.

Help: looking for... Halloween Resurrection (2002) - AMC TV Cut

Danacky said:

I’d be interested in any and all the cuts of all the Halloween films if you wouldn’t mind sharing please inmyslumber

Unfortunately, my disc drive on my Mac is kaput at the moment. I’m planning on getting a new external one sometime in the next month, at which point I’ll rip the alternate cuts I have for anyone who would like a copy. I’ll put a thread up when it happens.

Help: looking for... Halloween Resurrection (2002) - AMC TV Cut

I’ve managed to track down the main alternate versions of the other Halloween film, but this is the one version I haven’t been able to track down since losing my copy of it years ago.

It aired on AMC a couple of years after its home video release, and features deleted scenes reintegrated to add its running time and account for cuts made due to language/violence/nudity.

IF anyone would be able to help me out, I’d appreciate it.