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What is your main way of watching the Original Trilogy?

canofhumdingers said:

Eyepainter, if you enjoy seeing and learning about prints. You should definitely track down 4K77, 4K83, and (soon) 4K80. You don’t have to have 4K equipment. There are 1080p versions of all of them.

I was able to find 4K77 on but can’t find the 1080p version of 4K83. All the torrent sites (I prefer not to use usenet) have the 2160 version)

Am I the only one who doesn't have any desire to rewatch the movies outside of the OT and Rogue One?

ken-obi said:

What about re-watching Solo? I find Solo grows on me the more I watch it. Sure it has problems, but does vibe like an OT film like Rogue One does, even if the quality of the OT is not there. I wouldn’t put Solo on to watch it myself, but when it has been on at friends’ houses or on at movie nights it has been a fun watch.

Those five films are probably the only Star Wars films I’d sit down and watch anymore. Fan Edits apart.

You know i’ve never seen Solo but lots of people tell me they were expecting it to be crap but it’s actually quite good.

Michael Arndt heavily involved in writing the new SW trilogy

They need to go back to basics for the new movies. No obsession with continuity or heavy sci-fi like you see in Star Trek. The original Star Wars was like a fairy tale. A young farmers boy goes in search of his fortune and becomes a man in the process, defeating the bad guy and saving the galaxy. Who didn't want to be Luke Skywalker growing up? Characters like Yoda and Vader have become part of our culture. They need to go back to telling an old fashioned adventure story that everyone can relate to

best version of OT for non HD?


I want to watch the OT like I remember it from VHS back in the late 80's. I do not have a HD TV will probably not see the benefits of any HD product. I will also be watching them on hotel TV's as I am going on holiday soon. I bought the GOUT and they look OK but sometimes the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired. At the start of ROTJ when Vader speaks to the Emperor I see some kind of effect that makes it look like it is raining.

I got hold of Dark Jedi's set and it looks pretty good (thanks to him). It is much better than Gout, although the black borders seem to be bit wavy at the bottom.

Is Hammys stuff worth getting. I am pretty happy with Dark Jedi's but obviously want the best picture quality.




Star Wars UK TV Broadcast dates

I am new here so apologies if this has been discussed before. This really is just some nostalgia from a 31 year old Star Wars from Scotland.

Star Wars premiered on ITV. ITV bought the rights for £1 500 00. The BBC were never invited to bid. The broadcast dates:

Star Wars

Premiere 24th Oct 1982

Repeated 15th Sep 1983

Repeated 30th Dec 1984 (before the debut showing of Duran Duran’s concert movie As The Lights Go Down)

Repeated 01st Jan 1987

Repeated 01st Jan 1988

After that the rights go to pay TV Satellite broadcaster SKY.  They start showing it from 1989 onwards. ITV still have the sequels.

The Empire Strikes Back

Premiere 25th Dec 1988

Repeated 24th Dec 1991

Repeated 01st Jan 1994

Repeated 01st Jan 1995 (not all ITV regions)

Return Of The Jedi

Premiere 26th Dec 1989

Repeated 29th Dec 1990

Repeated 17th Apr 1992

Repeated 07th Apr 1996 (Central region only)

Repeated 19th May 1996 (Grampian region only)

So no Star Wars in 1985, 1986 or 1993 in the UK. It seems the terrestrial broadcasts stopped after 1994. Maybe George wanted to boost the VHS and DVD sales? SKY started showing the sequels from 2001 onwards.

I think the first time I saw Star Wars must have been the 1987 showing. I also remember getting a Darth Vader costume for Christmas. I got into Star Wars properly in the late 80’s. Sadly SKY had the rights to the first movie and we could not afford a subscription. The sequels were repeated fairly often as you can see from what I posted above. I was also given cheap ex rental copies of V and VI as gifts from my parents. I longed to see the first movie again though and finally my parents saved up and bought me a full price VHS of it from Woolworths (UK video store). I remember once the tape broke so I opened it up and repaired it with super glue.