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Project 4K80 (a WIP)

ThrowMeTheWhip said:

Xorp said:

The Bull’s Eyed Womprat said:

YoshiKiller2S said:

Any updates?

Site is closed to the public now?

Server problems.

Oh whew… was worried there for a second. 2020 seems beyond unlikely, hopefully by the end of 2021? Love the SW and RotJ projects, really amazing job. Kudos to those working on this project, I can’t imagine how mindnumbingly boring it must get.

I love the OOT fan projects here - yet still want an official unaltered OT release. You too?

Shopping Maul said:

In theory yes, because I hate that the films don’t exist anymore. It’s heartbreaking and infuriating that when I talk Star Wars at work with folks in their 20s, they have no concept whatsoever of an original theatrical version. I hate seeing Lucas celebrated at SW events and crapping on about his mythological motifs while the very movies that made him a household name have been suppressed by him. I hate that Gary Kurtz didn’t live to see and hold a pristine DVD/BluRay/4K copy of the groundbreaking films he produced. It’s just ridiculous.

For me personally I don’t care. I have versions for personal use that I’m more than happy with. I can’t help but think Disney would screw it up somehow anyway - mess with the sound mix or do something dumb with the colours or sleeve art. So yes, an official release on principal but I’m happy with what I have.

It’s got to be Kathleen Kennedy’s doing… once she’s gone (how much longer can she hang around given the massive mismanagement of SW so far?) I wouldn’t be surprised to see the originals released on blu-ray/digital. That said, the 4k projects here more than satisfy my need for the originals. Even if they did release the originals, would they release the first as “Star Wars” and not “Episode 4: A New Hope”? I doubt it… Love project 4k and never need an official release tbh, even when watching on my 120" home theater system…

Help: looking for... getting the 1080p versions of <strong>4K77</strong> &amp; <strong>4K83</strong> - please

schnitzeraffe said:

Your Oppo should play 50GB DL bluray discs, and if so, I can point you in the right direction.

Register for the forums over at

Register in the FORUMS section, not just the main page.

At least for me, my forums login doesn’t access the main page.

In their download section there is information on how to download many different versions of our beloved trilogy.

There are 1080p ~40GB bluray ISOs in there for 4K77 and 4K83.

That’s where I got mine.

I even accessed usenet, but all I could get there were mkv files and like you I wanted the ISOs.

For the menus, language options, subtitles…

We’re not allowed to post links outside of their forum, so I can’t give the exact information required on here.

Check them out and see if this helps.

Good luck.

Thank you also! I do want it on a blu-ray just for ease of storage (and I have a rather large blu-ray collection of mostly 3D movies but others as well) so I will try this tomorrow with the hopes of getting the 1080p versions I can burn on a BD-R DL 50GB disc. Really love the 2160p DNR version though but I imagine it will look just as good on my 103" 2.35:1 screen since 1080p movies look super sharp on it.

Help: looking for... getting the 1080p versions of <strong>4K77</strong> &amp; <strong>4K83</strong> - please

ChainsawAsh said:

You should be able to put the 4K MKV files on a flash drive and plug that into your Oppo and play the files directly. I watch the 4K versions that way (I plug the flash drive directly into my TV, but the principle is the same).

Thank you!! I tried this (for the first time on my Oppo, never used the USB port on it before) and it worked great! I was amazed how easy it was to navigate the USB drive (an external 1 TB drive that powers via just the USB cable which made it super convenient). I was literally stunned at the incredible quality of 4K77 and 4K83 (both with DNR/2160p). I have the Despecialized versions that I haven’t unpacked and plan to compare the quality but I can’t imagine it could be better than the 4K versions. I do appreciate all the work that went into the Despecialized versions also so I do intend to check it out too.

Help: looking for... getting the 1080p versions of <strong>4K77</strong> &amp; <strong>4K83</strong> - please

Hi all,

Just registered on the site to see if someone could help me out getting a copy of the 4K77 and 4K83 DNR in 1080p. I was able to d/l the 2160p versions from a torrent site but I don’t have a myspleen account and I don’t know how to access usenet and so I’m at a loss at how to obtain the 1080p versions.

Why the 1080p versions? Well, primarily because my home theater uses a projector and a non-4K (4th gen) Apple TV and an Oppo UDP 203 UHD blu-ray player. The Oppo won’t play BDXL discs that are needed to fit the movies on a single disc (each). I looked into Plex but I don’t have a 4K Apple TV and even if I did it seems that it won’t direct stream 4k unless it’s 30 fps, which is probably not what these two versions are (I presume they’re theatrical 24 fps). I really do want them on blu-ray and so I figure the 1080p versions are my best bet (and 1080p looks great on my 2.35:1 103" screen.

If anyone could help with advice, suggestions, or any other way I would be super grateful!


Mod Edit: for information…

Website: : 4K77 page : 4K80 page : 4K83 page
Forum: (you will need to register to see 4KXX project information)

The Some info & help for TN1’s 4K77, 4K80 & 4K83 projects of the Original Trilogy… thread in the General Assistance section of this site also has some useful links and information to threads on the 4KXX projects that feature here on the OT•com

schnitzeraffe’s post below (in this thread) is also a good source of help, info & advice too.