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License to Drive - VHS Rip (Released)

Hi I have a VHS ripped file of License to Drive. It’s probably not the most optimal way to rip it but the only thing I had was an Elgato capture. The audio does need to be synched because for some reason it gets out of synch with Elgato.

Anyway there are a few changes from the VHS and Laserdisc to the DVD & Bluray.

They are listed here.

I grew up on this home video release, so someone might could get some use out of this file. The only thing visually different is I believe the end credits. This home video release has the credits over black background whereas the DVD & Bluray have the credits over a blue background. If someone preferred this audio it would probably be little work to mux it with the Bluray release.


Info Wanted: 'Johnny Be Good' & 'License to Drive' - anyone done these in HD?

Has anyone tried to redo these films in HD with the missing scenes from these films? Johnny Be Good had some scenes missing from the VHS & Laserdisc. It was originally rated R and the blu-ray is PG-13. For License to Drive had some alternate music tracks and some missing dialogue from the VHS.

Harmy's RETURN OF THE JEDI Despecialized Edition HD - V2.5 - AVCHD DVD9 & NTSC DVD5 (Released)


I am a noobie here but I just want to thank Harmy for his amazing work on this film. Please ignore the haters on Facebook because I am sure that most people including myself really appreciate the hard work that you have done to bring us the Despecialized versions of these films. I have waited years for something like this and you have delivered sir.

Also, I find it humorous that some folks in the comments want quick direct links to the films. I am a noob and with a little research, all your questions are quickly answered through reading previous posts or just simply reading the ultimate introductory guide.

The film is amazing looking overall and is a very enjoyable experience! It brings back so much memories. I wanted to point out but I am sure you all are already aware that there is a small white speck or scratch as Luke is running to the other side of the Rancor pit right before he picks up the skull. It does not bother me at all and forgive me if anyone has already pointed that out. I did not get an exact time frame for it but I just wanted to mention it…but again it is not a complaint. Thank you so much Harmy and I look forward to your future 3.0 releases!