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REQ: Muppet Christmas Carol Widescreen w/ deleted song and Dir. commentary!

To be filed under the category of “absolutely not feasible for me to accomplish this year but would be cool.”

When messing around with dym2005’s rip I noticed that while finally widescreen the video was much muddier and less detailed than even the DVD quality. I figured I’d give a shot to see what kind of results could be achieved if we combined elements from the DVD, namely the characters, matted onto the widescreen backgrounds of the iTunes rip. Below are the results of 2 frames of that attempt.

I believe the results are substantially better than either individual element with the major flaw being that at 4446 frames I would have to do about 1.5 hours minimum per day to accomplish this by Christmas which is not feasible for me. I understand that is why projects like De-Specialized editions are such an epic undertaking, but below is my process if anyone has a more optimized approach.

  1. Converted all frames to png using ffmpeg for iTunes rip and DVD rip (deleting out every 5th frame from DVD rip)
  2. Load iTunes frame and DVD frame into Photoshop as layers and Auto-Align Layers
  3. Polygonal Lasso the characters from the DVD frame
  4. Select and Mask the selection using these settings and duplicate layer via copy to create a smooth transition between the DVD characters and the iTunes background
  5. Delete out DVD portion that exceeded iTunes frame dimensions and then crop to 1920x1080
  6. Save as png
REQ: Muppet Christmas Carol Widescreen w/ deleted song and Dir. commentary!

So I’ve edited the clip dym2005 shared into the blu-ray at full quality. I can’t find a copy of the 2002 DVD release so I had to make my own stereo audio to mux with it based on the itunes When Love Is Gone rip and the blu-rays 5.1 downmixed to stereo. If anyone can help dm with a source of the 2002 DVD I can swap it out with true 5.1 audio and include the Brian Henson commentary as well as the 2012 release Muppet commentary with a 3 minute gap for the When Love Is Gone portion that wasn’t included and share the final result

Actually just ordered the 2002 DVD. Will have updated versions in 1-2 weeks. Now if someone just has advice on where I can share at that point we should be set.