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Doctor Who: The Trial of a Time Lord (Released)
Slightly OT --

I started a project a while back to edit all the trial sequences out of "Mysterious Planet" and make it its own self-contained story. I was even planning on using Magic Bullet filters to improve the look of it.

Problem was: Even when I edited out the Trial scenes, it still wasn't a very good story, IMHO. So I never saw it to completion.

So it goes.

You may now return to business.
myspleen.com problems
Has anyone else had trouble accessing the torrent section of myspleen?

I've tried it on Mac OSX using Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer, and in Windows NT using Explorer, but I get an error every time.

Is there something I'm not getting?

Is there some way to contact the good folks over there to alert them to this problem?

Many Thanks!
Info Wanted: "Best" Ep.3 Fan Edit to Check Out?
Originally posted by: INv8r_ZIM
ADigital's RotS is pretty good, with the only real exception being that I missed R2 slamming into the wall, and the Rebellion scenes are mostly awful, aimless, and written like parlimentary proceedings.

Thanks for all the info, folks. I appreciate it. I'm sure I'll check out ADM's because it sounds really intriguing.

Though like I said up top, I'm a "less is more" sort of guy, and I'm more interested in a good storytelling experience than laying all the bricks in the mythology.

Maybe someday the Phantom Editor will churing out a "Sith" edit, but until then I can't wait to see ADM's.
Info Wanted: "Best" Ep.3 Fan Edit to Check Out?

This is an opinion question, because obviously “Best” is a subjective term.

But I was a big fan of the Phantom Editor’s take on Episodes I & II, and I’m a little disappointed that it looks like he won’t be turning out a phantom Episode III any time soon.

So I’m looking for a solid Episode III fan edit to use when I screen the “Phantom Prequel” trilogy for friends.

I’m definitely a “less is more” sort of guy, and I really admired the Phantom Editor’s rigorous appraoch to cutting and reconfiguring the first two films.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Favorites? Raves?

Many thanks in advance!

Twin Peaks Pilot - Alternate Ending? (Released)

Hey Everyone,

I’m trying to track down the original version of the “Twin Peaks” pilot movie that actually wrapped up the story at the end of it.

I hear it was released on VHS in Japan once upon a time. If anyone has any info on whether this version might be floating around out there somewhere, I’d be most grateful.


Info Wanted: The Phantom Editor and Ep. III Question!
I e-mailed him many weeks back about episode III but never got a definitive answer from him.

I have a friend who knows the man fairly well through a work connection, and apparently his comment upon walking out of "Revenge of the Sith" was, "Well, there's nothing I can do!" (I also heard he got a girlfriend, which would put a crimp in anyone's Star Wars projects.)

But knowing his work in the past, I would hope he would eventually be unable to resist finishing the trilogy he started.