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Star Wars DVD Covers
Originally posted by: Pagz
I expect that the different colours on the spines are representative of the films themselves. Green for Naboo in Episode I. Purple for Mace Windu in episode II. Red for Sith in episode III. Yellow for sand in Episode IV. Looks kinda violet which might be either Hoth or Degobah, for Episode V. And finally that bright sky blue for Endor in Episode VI. Or I could just be talking out of my ass

Nah, let's go with that

Actually, I based it loosely on the varying colors of lightsabers...take a look at the titles - white core with a blue glow. Unfortunately, I ran out of colors, so I had to use yellow and blue-green as filler, but it still seems to work.

I agree though on the spines, now that you mention it...I'll probably replace those with a single, large logo this afternoon.
"Holonet Series" - DVD Covers
Originally posted by: oojason
FusinAddict - great series covers m8, really like the minimalistic look (and they'll save me some serious black ink on the printer! lol - many thanks for sharing

Any chance of doing the 3 PT covers again in the future - but this time for the 3 MagnoliaFan Edits too?

I may just do soon as the title of the 3rd edit becomes available.
Do you think that Lucas' directing style has changed since 1977?
The only revisions Lucas made were some scope increases. For example, trains and people added in the subway and a massive expansion in the number of people in THX and SRT's escape sequence, the "swimming upstream" scene.

There is also a much clearer idea of what is going on when the engineers mindlock THX while he's at work, i.e. that a nuclear cell THX is trying to install in a robot almost hits the floor and blows everything to hell. This isn't quite as clear in the original version. Some pretty cool little tweaks in this, too, like the nuclear cell melting the table as it rolls toward the edge.