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Logan's Run 70mm Preview Cut


Logan’s Run Special 70mm Preview Cut

On May 7, 1976 there was a special advance screening of Logan’s Run containing almost 20 minutes of extra footage. When the film was released in June that footage was entirely cut from the film to achieve a PG rating. The deleted footage is now presumed to be lost.

However, an audience recording of this screening and a 35mm preview reel containing some alternate and cut footage have survived. Using these sources I will be able to reconstruct the 70mm preview cut (or at least some of it).


This is not meant to be an extended edition but rather a recreation of the 70mm sneak preview cut. Some shots that easily could’ve been added were left out as they were not present on the 70mm print. Some things from the theatrical edition had to be cut as well.



  • Francis hunting red runner intro
  • Logan and Francis leaving Nursery and using mazecar
  • Carousel has been extended
  • Logan looking at his life clock outside Sandman HQ
  • Arcade sequence rearranged
  • Rotoscope of the two reds entering mazecar station
  • Love Shop has been extended - a custom audio mix will be created to match 70mm
  • Runner HQ conversation has been extended
  • Francis sewer scene edited
  • Interrogation extended


  • All overdubbed lines not present on 70mm print have been removed
  • Shot of Logan and Francis on elevator
  • Carousel bell (up until Great Hall)
  • Computer voice before and during Carousel
  • Logan and Jessica making their way to Arcade
  • Extra Carousel shots when Logan and Jessica return to the city

35mm Advanced Preview of Selected Scenes - Special thanks to the uploader for sharing a copy of the scan
Audience Recording
Teaser Trailer
Theatrical Trailer
Life in the 23rd Century featurette
Official Blu-Ray
Film Score Monthly Expanded Soundtrack

Technical Info:
Video: 2.20:1 Aspect Ratio
Audio: 70mm 6 Track Recreation
Bootleg Audience Recording


The video editing is 90% done. There’s a few scenes that still need to be tweaked. After those are done I’ll focus on the audio mix.

The Shining 35mm print opportunity

I’ve been trying to color correct some of the clips using the open matte DVD as a reference.

Reel 7 Clip:

I used the LUT from this scene and then used it for another reel, made a few tweaks, and got this result:

Before and after:

When the LUT is applied to most of the other clips, the colors can get pretty close to the DVD. It’s far from perfect but it’s a start.

Logan's Run Uncut Reconstruction

This will be an attempt to reconstruct the ‘uncut’ version of Logan’s Run. The film originally had many scenes that were cut in order to avoid an R rating. Some of these include Francis terminating a runner, a longer Love Shop sequence, and a longer Box scene with Logan and Jessica posing for an ice sculpture. An audience recording from a sneak preview showing exists and has all of these scenes intact (more info here: Some of the deleted footage appears in the “Advance Preview of Selected Scenes” seen here: I think this may be on the Special Edition laserdisc but I’m not sure. Apparently in the early 80s the film was shown several times on Canadian TV uncut, though no recording has surfaced.

This will be sort of like the “Greed” reconstruction. I’ll use stills and the recording to try to recreate the missing scenes. It’ll be a little rough, so this is definitely for the die hard fans.

Due to some of the sources I will be using, I think I may have to use the VHS for both audio and video. Some of the stills are in black and white so I’m not quite sure what the best way to incorporate them would be. Maybe have all the inserted material be black and white? I’d appreciate any input on that.

Audience Recording
Original VHS release
Pan and Scan/Widescreen DVD - “Life in the 23rd Century”, Trailer
TV Show DVD - There’s a few shots from the movie including the ‘two yellows’ that were deleted.
1997 Special Edition Laserdisc - Photos, deleted scene recreations(?), behind the scenes, etc. I still need to track this one down.
Film Score Monthly Expanded Soundtrack
Various stills
Revised Script -
Shooting Schedule -

Preserving "French" Original Trilogy - ANH V1.0 released - ESB in progress

I found the original thread: It sounds like you may have them already, marvins, but I’ll just upload them anyway.

All credit goes to Poita for these scans:


Preserving "French" Original Trilogy - ANH V1.0 released - ESB in progress

marvins said:

ilovewaterslides said:

So yeah? Did You lose all the files in the “poita accident”?

That’s it.
That happened after he sent me back the reels and the scan, but the HD was broken when I received it. And right after that, he had this big crash.
Bad luck, I’m so sad about that…

I still have the French ESB 16mm crawl and credits that were posted a while back if that would be any help. I think they were from Poita.

Edit: The files are “reel-one.avi” and “reel-three.avi”. Both are 1080p.

Firefly Unaired Pilot

Has a better source ever been found? The bootleg that was on a Firefly fansite says that it was from a “multi-generation tape dub”. I’ve seen it and it’s pretty rough.

I’ve also thought about taking the footage from the aired pilot and the deleted scenes to make a nicer version but that may be too jarring. Is there any interest in this?

Recreating Attack of the Clones: IMAX Experience

brandynskywalker said:

6/28 Edit: Mixed down my new BDRIP of AOTC to 5.1 because of the asset I was using for the new LucasFilm logo only had 5.1 audio on it (even though there’s no sound!). The final cut, which is being worked on now, will be in 5.1 Surround. My laptop, tho a beast it is, can only handle editing audio in 5.1 for some reason.

A “digital copy” should be available in mid-July. Should be.

7/1 Edit: Mid-July was an overestimate. I have just finished cut up all of the footage and I’ve started working on transitions already. It could possibly come in the next couple of weeks. After releasing the “digital copy” I will try and figure out a BR ready file.

Also, I opted out of recreating the IMAX slideshow style credits. The normal credits intact, clocking the cut at 2 hrs and 6 mins.

Looking forward to this project. Is this going to be in widescreen or fullscreen?

Sci-fi Channel Star Trek Special edition

ST2112 said:

friedcamera, here are the note cards that accompany my X-Files FTF VHS tapes, as well as a scan of a tape that has some material on it from when DD was coming back onto the show, in between the episodes that I taped at the time of their airing. Let me know if you’re interested in this material!

Thank you for saving all of this! I’d love to see it.
I sent you a PM.

Sci-fi Channel Star Trek Special edition

ST2112 said:

friedcamera, I would LOVE to see that “restored” cut of “Logan’s Run”, if it ever happens. There are TONS of material on my “X-Files” VHS’ that were never released, including reviews, FOX promos, box office results, local station interviews/promos, entertainment shows segments, etc. I taped everything that I could that aired in the weeks prior to and subsequent weeks after release for all of my main projects (ST, POTA, etc.) There are 4, I believe, full tapes of material and I may have made note cards detailing the contents. I’d have to look and check. If there are, I can scan them for you.

Generally speaking, for those special projects, I taped segments from the morning shows, any network specials, news shows, cable specials, local affiliates, cable media reports, Entertainment Tonight/Access Hollywood type shows, Siskel & Ebert and other review shows and segments from just about anything else that aired on television.

That’s an awesome collection! I would love to see that (when you have the time, of course!)
Regarding Logan’s Run… now that I have some more time I’ll probably start working on it. If you don’t have the audience recording I’d be happy to send it to you.

Sci-fi Channel Star Trek Special edition

ST2112 said:

friedcamera, I wish I had that “Logan’s Run” version! I fell in love (or something!), with Jenny Agutter when that came out and so looked forward to the TV series, only to be incredibly disappointed! I still have a bunch of articles, etc. on the TV show, too. At least they put that series out on DVD! Sorry I couldn’t help, but if you’re interested in the TV series, please let me know.

Hopefully a recording surfaces one day. All that’s left from that cut is the audience recording from an advanced screening and some photos. I’ve been meaning to do my own reconstruction but I’ve been busy with other projects.

I also have three or four VHS tapes of extras from the 1st “X-Files” movie and 2 tapes from the awful “Planet of the Apes” (2001) movie. Anyone interested in those?

Do the X-Files tapes have anything that wasn’t released on the blu-ray?

Sci-fi Channel Star Trek Special edition

ST2112 said:

I forgot to add “Logan’s Run” to my faves and collection list. I wish the later formats of many films released on Laserdisc incorporated all the printed material extras that were on them. Some of the supplements were extensive. I also have three or four VHS tapes of extras from the 1st “X-Files” movie and 2 tapes from the awful “Planet of the Apes” (2001) movie. Anyone interested in those?

Do you have the mythical uncut TV version of Logan’s Run? That would be an amazing find.