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The Matrix

looking at the trailer makes me want to rewatch the 1st one but I’ve watched it already a lot… or so I thought until I realise (thanks to the original trailer of 1999) the version I was watching was a bad remaster of the theatrical one with a weird green filter.
Since then I’ve made some research and found out there is 35mm scan called (The.Matrix 1999.35mm.1080p.Cinema.DTS.v2.0). apparently, it is as close as the original version and I really want to see it. the only website so far I could find to get it was but obviously, I don’t have access as in exchange I have nothing to offer^^’ and then someone told me to go to and I might have an answer so here I am^^ I’m a simple guy who just wants to watch matrix in his most original version^^ If anyone knows where I could get it, it would be much appreciated thank you.
and sorry if requests is not authorized.