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Mulan (1998) - 35 mm

Setzer said:

Let’s assume a single person donated all the money that was needed.
Tough luck for anyone else wanting to contribute, and see the print?

If that would happen, lucky for everyone! My assumptions: it’s not just one movie we want to have, right? If anyone contribute to a next project, they’ll get access to the old ones as well.

In your unrealistic scenario all the other donators would need to give just a smaller amount of money to get realized an access to a film. And projects in this forum get a wider release anyway sooner or later, it might happen that in this case, open access would be possible earlier than usually.

In a realistic scenario it looks like this: it is a long run to get the money together, even if there are generous donators, not only the buying of a print, scanning costs and cargo, initiators needs to have lots of terabyte of stationery storage, a high-end computer and screens to manage all the work, and do need time.

All in all, donations always helps, even small amounts. If anybody has another realistic and sustainable way of realizing to scan films, please let me now;)

Mulan (1998) - 35 mm

This will be a great job, the Blu is terrible as it can be and the HDTV-version is as good as it can be. A 35mm-Scan is the absolute reassurance of getting it right, since we do not really trust Disney in faithfully transfers without enhancing the f**k out of the films.

(And the thing with donations: without donations, there will be no scans anyway, and without having this done in an exclusive way (kick-starters work in the same way), nobody wants to donate anything, this sad but true. Anyway: The scans usually appears on myspleen or on Blutopia at a later time, I see no problem in it.)

Aladdin 35mm (Released)

nafroe said:

LHSmarchingredcoat said:

captaineos said:

I hate to say it but it’s been nearly a year and I still can’t get a copy of this release. I saw Aladdin at Greater Union cinemas in Civic, Canberra when it was released and fell in love with it. To this day I have the original poster up in my computer room along with a collection of Aladdin toys, characters etc. The ‘release’ ins’t accessible so be sure to reply with ideas other than Blutopia. 😃

Same, I’ve been able to get a myspleen account but not Bluetopia.

Would love to get BACK to Blutopia… I am a member that got banned while in my month away from my computer while moving, getting married, and going on my honeymoon.

Same here: I also got banned and dont know really why…

The Little Mermaid (1989) - 35 mm (fully funded)

I can tell from my own experience: Colours from this kind of prints are awesome. It will take a minute or more, but you get used to it. It is not a new 3D-animation release nor an episode of the simpsons etc.
Example: It was a relief to see the print of Land before time. After watching the Bluray I thought this movie looks bad and false, but seeing the 35mm print was like seeing another movie. The “muted” and earthy colours suited more to the atmosphere of the film.
PS: You can also saturate your tv or projector to get more “vivid” colours as well and everyone else can use the right saturation, better option: high-lamp-mode on ordinary projectors brings the colours back, if you have no Xenon-lamps(but on a Tv it should look good as it is)

Jurassic Park III 35mm print

doubleofive said:

Looking at a print for color reference in fan preservations is one thing, scanning something in 4K and only giving the result to those that donate sounds really questionable. And listing those people is inviting even more problems.

Donors usually gets an early release without proper restauration. After some time there comes a wider release on myspleen etc.
without donors there would be no fanprojects like this…