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The Godfather Releases...can someone help?

cisco007 said:

I have the last 2 on the your list, i am also finally downloading the godfather chronological epic saga! Its been downloading since a week ago, but i dont know if its the same as yours or the same as the the godfather 1901-1980 epic edit hopefully it is, i already have over 100gb of godfather films.

100 gb stuff is a lot!
What do you have?
This is the content of my Epic Edit

The Godfather Releases...can someone help?

Hello people and ciao dall’Italia!

I’ve run into this page while seeking info about the Godfather.
I have a couple of fan edit.
One is in Italian and it’s called “IL PADRINO COMPLETE EPIC 1902 - 1959 ITA”.
It was aired on “Studio Universal”, a former Italian SAT-TV channel, and it’s 6hrs 43mins 26seconds long.
I have also a folder called “THE GODFATHER CHRONOLOGICAL EPIC 1901 - 1980” which is in English.
I remember I downloaded it from a private hidden torrent tracker and this folder is full of stuff (I’m preparing a list, give me some time to upload it).
In the “Movie” folder there are 4 .avi files divided as follows:

01 - The Godfather Chronological Epic, 1901-1945 (2 hrs 31 mins 09 secs)
02 - The Godfather Chronological Epic, 1945-1958 (2 hrs 22 mins 19 secs)
03 - The Godfather Chronological Epic, 1958-1979 (2 hrs 27 mins 25 secs)
04 - The Godfather Chronological Epic, 1979-1980 (2 hrs 26 mins 56 secs)

so total running time is 9hrs 47mins 51seconds.

I remember I watched it once a lot of years ago, and I remember it was edited from lots of sources such as the DVDs (with the extra scenes), the old VHS and the TV recordings.
Unfortunately I don’t have the .txt info file provided with the torrent (I’m really not sure if there was any TBH…), but if you wish, I’ll be happy to share it with you!

I also have “The.Godfather.The.Complete.Epic.1901-1959.HDTV.720p-iQ.mkv” (which was broadcasted last year by HBO) which is a 9.56 GB file - 07hrs 03 mins 13secs.

Last but not least. I’m downloading
which is a 14.53 GB file, but I really don’t know what it is.

Thanks for your patience in reading this loooooong post, I hope to find some more info for my passion!

Ciao, alla prossima!