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Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

Doctor M said:

feronstost said:

Loving them so far! I’m noticing an odd reverb throughout much (but not all) of PoA. I’m not sure if it is in the others. Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I doing something wrong with my media player?

I mentioned this in July. Oddly, that’s the original tracks. It’s just something most people never noticed before.

I’m not too sure about that. I just rewatched recently and there was no such reverb.
For reference, here is the Boggart scene.
In the edit, there is a loud reverb effect that echoes waaay more than the natural echo in this scene, including the score.

EDIT: Unless you’re saying that is in the original V1 fan edit?

A New Edit/Approach Of LOST In chronological order (a WIP)

wigjuice4815162342 said:

OGJP said:

Regarding when it’s finished, do you know how we’ll be able to access it and roughly how much space we’d need to download?

Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work on this project. I’ve been so excited ever since I found this post in June!

Thanks everyone for your excitement for the project! It’s keeping me inspired to get it done.

As for sharing it, I’m not totally sure which method to start with. I’m also not sure what can be freely mentioned in these public posts, so I don’t want to be too specific. I think that’ll have to take place in private messages, one way or the other. Regardless, I want to find a good way to share with you all!

As for size, what will likely happen is this; For myself, I am going to export these episodes in the full remuxed Blu-Ray quality they started with, so the entire show will come out around 850-900GB. Obviously, that’s not ideal for sharing. So, I did some experiments and found a good compression rate at which I could make the files dramatically smaller, while still maintaining very good quality. I don’t have an exact number since I haven’t exported all the episodes, but my guess would be something like 200-250GB for the whole show. Again, not sure yet, so that could change. If there are others like me who want the highest quality possible, then we’ll have to figure something else out. The more compressed versions looked overall pretty close in my experiments.

I’ll know more as I start the final exporting process, once the episodes are officially done.

Thanks for the updates! I’ve been checking back almost daily since the original post

Harry Potter: Enhanced Editions (Audiobooks) (Books 1-6 Released)

Similarly, some other effects relate exactly to the story in a way that makes them redundant to our own imagination and prevent us from relaxing into the ambience. For example, some door knocking sounds : we imagine these because they are announced by the narrator so we don’t need to hear them too as a sound effect, contrary to the continuous background ambiance that you give depth to. You prevent us from forgetting the description of the scene when you take care of the general ambience and you provide more immersion with some special effects for the most unusual sounds, there is simply this slight redundance sometimes a bit.

I respectfully disagree here. I really like the addition of sound effects.

Harry Potter: Enhanced Editions (Audiobooks) (Books 1-6 Released)

Doctor M said:

Master Lawdog said:

While everyone here is waiting on the final audiobook to be released, here is a little something I put together for fun that you all may enjoy.

So much better. Not many composers create such memorable soundtracks.

I think Desplat did a fantastic job with the scores for the last two films. Very emotional and epic. But it is undeniable how good this works.