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Originally posted by: Mielr
Hey- in my own defense the DVDs looked pretty damn good to me after everyone was saying that they were going to look like old, beat-up VHS tapes!

I just want to state here that I consider you (based on what I saw in the short time I spent here) as one of those who are(/were? ) the most eager to make Georgie bend and expose his disappointing choices - so, at no point whatsoever did I think you were giving up on anything or anyone!
The only thing I meant was indeed that if YOU thought the OOTs weren't that bad, then they HAD to be worthy of interest !!!

I STILL want anamorphic transfers (and will be thrilled if they ever materialize), but I think there comes a point when it's time to admit that it's over and you've lost, and I'm afraid that ol' Georgie boy just had a better team this year. Sorry!

... there, you're saying it yourself. We all hope for a better transfer, but if there is one that has all the qualities you're mentioning, it's hard to overlook it and claim there'll be another opportunity...

As I'm not living in the U.S., nor reading lots of specialised - or not-so-specialised - magazines, I'd love to hear about any treatment our favourite subject of converstion and battle ( ) receives in the media! Maybe there are links to other fan sites who watch for that kind of thing (so no one here has to bother) ?

Anyway, all the best to you and the other members of our team; we fought vaillantly I'd say, and it was interesting to see what even few could be accomplished over a simple fan site - and also were the limits are...

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P.S. I got curious and looked for said thread:

it's at least interesting to read Mielr's strong statement in favour of the new release on page 7 (and then small comments on the following) of this thread: First Impressions of the OOT ...

...oh, and I finally found the thread announcing the end of the writing campaign: DVD WRITING CAMPAIGN - WEEK TWO - "Sound & Vision" Magazine

there, you have some reading for the week-end......
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Hi Mike,

I hadn't visited the forum in weeks; you might notice the last post before yours here is from the end of August... I learned in another thread from Mielr (a thread I have unfortunately lost track of...) that until further notice, the writing campaign is off, due to a lack general of enthusiasm. There seem to be only a few of us who took part in the first two or three attempts.
Furthermore, several Forum-members seem to agree the OOT released in September isn't that bad, some stating it's better than their original laserdiscs...

If you do a search on Mielr's posts, you might find the thread I'm refering to...

All the best
DVD WRITING CAMPAIGN - WEEK TWO - "Sound & Vision" Magazine
Hey Mielr,

I saw in one of todays' new threads you bought and watched the dreaded object of our campaign here. And that you are pleasently surprised, which is kind of a relief to me.
Because I admit would have found it VERY hard NOT to buy that sloppy, non-anamorphic OOT - as I haven't had ANY occasion to re-discover the originals (not on pirated material, not on laserdisc, nothing) to this day, after seeing them at age 11(!) in 1977, etc.
AND I also haven't shelled out a dime to Lucasfilms to this day for the SE either.
So I'm not as frustrated (and I certainly understand them ) as some fans who've bought the boxed set before and are screaming now they're going to "wait for the HD DVD or Blu-Ray editions that will surely follow". (I wouldn't be quite as optimistic as they are - and if they're right we surely will have contributed to the situation !!!).

I have to check out the VHS recordings I made when swiss tv broadcasted the three first film out of the blue some years ago [ NO, believe it if you can, years ago and I have NOT checked them out... ], and I'm very much convinced that they didn't have the license to offer us the SE back then... so I might have a treasure waiting there for me...
I guess I'm going to buy that "new" edition of the "old" (meaning the REAL) movies anyway.

Keep us posted about * new targeted mailings * , and may the friggin' force be with all of us in this mad world we live in....... ........
DVD WRITING CAMPAIGN - WEEK TWO - "Sound & Vision" Magazine
Inspired by Darkhelmet, I sent the following to both Editor and Ranada.
Let's go for it!


Star Wars is a part of my childhood and, thus, my life. I am one of those who have been wishing for a long time that G. Lucas would re-issue the "original", non-remastered versions of the first trilogy, and was thrilled when I heard about the news he would finally do it.

Then came the news that these original versions, to be released this month:
1. would be available only as bonus material of yet another re-issue of the Special (remastered) Edition ("SE"), a fact which in itself wouldn't have been that big a problem, as long as the movies were finally available again;
2. the masters used for transfer would be the old laserdisc editions, Lucasfilm justifying this by not having copies of the originals at their disposal AND that they had no plans or budget for restauring them anyway (the non-existence of original copies is a plain lie, many great film institutes preserving prints of the original unaltered trilogy, i.e. The British Film Institute);
3. the movies, unbelievably, will be released in *non-anamorphic* format.

Although the mere existence of these sub-par issues of the original trilogy is proof enough that there are more people asking for it than Lucas could ignore, the three facts named above constitute objective reasons for frustration, even for someone who doesn't like the Star Wars movies.
Because these films are part of movie history. They changed the way movies were being made and produced.
They were a quantum leap forward as well in terms of technology as of marketing, among the most successful movies of all time.
It shouldn't even be a subject to discuss that they should be available to the public *as people saw them at the time they were released*.
G. Lucas and Lucasfilms invoque "artistic vision & freedom" to justify the alteration of the original movies (the S.E.) and the absence of any effort on their part to make the original movies available as well, which is quite a disappointing and ironic attitude:
Lucas has been continually setting new quality standards over the years (creating namely the THX quality standard) - for which everyone can only be immensly grateful and full of admiration. So, how can he expect to be taken seriously when releasing the original trilogy in a way that can be described as sloppy at best? Nobody's even been asking for a *restauration* of the original movies - just a decent transfer to DVD!
Lucasfilm don't even assume full responsability for this poor-quality release: the so-called "bonus-feature" status disappears as the issue is being marketed with the Original Trilogy Discs as the main feature of the package!

Whatever the commercial motivations may be to make available to the public only the new "S.E." and/or to discourage people from asking for the films as they were first seen, this is no way to handle such a tremedously significative legacy.

I sincerely hope you consider this is something worth to be adressed and discussed.

Thank you very much for your attention,


Let's hope we find sensible ears...
DVD WRITING CAMPAIGN - WEEK ONE - "Entertainment Weekly"

Gosh, I was away from my computer until tonight. I'm sorry I missed this - I understand EW comes out tomorrow - and also that not that many people participated.

Originally posted by: darkhelmet
In the same article, Lucas claims that this release will indicate whether or not DVD buyers really wanted the originals on DVD. People will always want the original of any important film on the latest, greatest home format; just look at the original King Kong released this year from Warner Home Video!

That is a very good point I should use in my own letter... uhm, only it might be suspicious if we all point to the original King Kong. Maybe I'll find something similar.

Again, Mielr, SORRY I missed the first genuine attempt for a massive-specifically-targeted-mailing !

Please don't be discouraged. I was just thinking that, if this one hasn't lived up to our expectations in terms of written mails, we might extend this attempt by another week; that would give people like me (hoping there are some ) the opportunity to catch up, so EW would get some more letters.

I'd also like to stress that the ones I've read here are of high QUALITY; I'm pretty convinced that a "small" number of well written letters, stressing out the same points and adressed to the one single medium, might just have a similar effect as a load of telegrams.

What do you think?
Addresses and contacts for various media outlets go in here
I'm following this thread, but not often find myself in the position to post a reply, so:

A very big cheers to all the debating and thinking that has been going on here, essential issues have been adressed.

Among them, I find myself very intrigued and in doubt about the question wether it's better - for a possible high-quality (or at least decent quality) release of the OOT - that the poor man's september DVDs sell well or not... ?!?

The subject of how well a newspaper or -channel will take the sending of hundreds or thousands of e-mails within one or a couple of day(s) seems also hard to decide... We want to have them interested in our cause, not feeling harrassed by a bunch of Star-Wars-geeks. But what better way could there be to get their attention?

I'm now convinced that the XXIst century Lucas never cared about releasing the OOT properly; he must have felt there was just more than an insignificant amount of hardcore fans who wanted to see the Star Wars from before the SEs, so he did the least espensive thing he could think of, which is, as has been said, a small victory in itself.
Now he's got to be cornered and forced into doing better, and that'll be achieved through the public exposure we want to carry out here.

While I think that the "standard letter" (everyone sending EXACTLY the same one) is NOT such a good idea, I definitely believe that a list of the five to ten major points to be made should be established by one of the master-experts here (I just don't feel I have everything in mind).
This way, there would be personalised letters all pointing to the same problems, which would be, as I see it, more effective/authentic-looking.
A compromise (maybe to heighten the chance that our sendings are instantly identifiable as supporting the same cause) might be a common "Subject"/title AND an identical list of those "major points"; the introduction and/or conclusion could be formulated as desired by everyone, only keeping clarity and not too many words in mind.
The need to keep our mailings short seems essential to me, as is the need for some physical letters, as has been pointed out.

Please announce the new "posting-thread" HERE in this one, so that we know where to look and anounce that we've posted (I seldomly have time to browse the forum, but certainly want to help with the exposing of Lucas' unworthy options!!!).

Cheers everyone
Addresses and contacts for various media outlets go in here
Originally posted by: MielrI have an idea- how about if we pick one place to send an email out to every week- we can start a thread for it, and ask everyone here that week to send their email to that particular place. Everyone can confirm in the thread that they've sent their email, and even paste the text of their email into the thread (if they wish). Next week, same thing only a different place. That way, we can be sure that the emails will all be going to the same place that week, and it will have more impact that way.

I worried that we may be falling into that "all talk-no action" trap here- it doesn't do any good to just complain to each other. I agree that need to get organized.

This makes perfect sense, as I'm convinced there are now so many mail-adresses in this thread that it might well be discouraging - and yes, making a couple of MASSIVE mailings to single destinations surely will have more impact than the most passionate/patient of us mailing to a hundred different people/papers.

Someone, like the webmaster ( ) should take this in his hands and name a date and an adress to mail, so everyone can join in one big hit.

I actually regain some hope, just imagining this!
Addresses and contacts for various media outlets go in here
Originally posted by: Yoda Is Your Father(...)Advertising Standards Authority(...)I'm sure there's an equivalent organisation in the US too.


Having checked the site quickly, I saw that any complaints on advertising on websites are to be reported to another authority ("your local trading standards department (" in the UK.

Living in Switzerland, though, I really don't have a clue about who's in charge of those matters in the United States.
Addresses and contacts for various media outlets go in here
I just discovered this site:
Warm congratulations to everyone who has been in on the effort to obtain the release of the original Trilogy!!!

I just mailed about 95% of the adresses listed in this thread. I wouldn't want this stupid attitude of Lucas(films) to go unnoticed and the crappy bonus-discs issued without having tried contributing to help it!

Cheers to all.