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Big bust at the Motor City Comic Con
It's all about copyright. However, I thought Lucas was not a member of the MPAA. I spose it doesn't really matter. People selling bootlegs should be arrested and made to pay restitution for their ill gotten gains. There's a difference between fan preservation and bootlegging. Bootleggers are profiting off someone else's work; preservationists are not. They're both infringing on copyright though. This whole situation makes me sad.

It does seem kind of ridiculous to go after small timers.

.: The XØ Project - Laserdisc on Steroids :. (SEE FIRST POST FOR UPDATES)
Excuse me for interrupting the LD/LID war but I just wanted to reply to casualimp.

I didn't intend to scare people with my post, just explaining what IMHO is the reasoning behind the OOT dvd release. Lucas has to reaffirm his ownership of the original version of Star Wars that he disowned when he said "it doesn't really exist." It's simply a business decision.

I'm not a lawyer but I do have some knowledge of copywrite law. All fan edits are in violation of copywrite. Even if you own the original source. Technically you could be sued for doing it. Realistically, who's going to bother suing one guy for tinkering? There really isn't any damages or loss of income incurred. And the cost of the lawyers would be far more than any puny judgement you could get against a fan editor. Not to mention the cost of bad publicity from suing your own fans.

If you distribute your fan edit though, that's a whole nother ball o wax.

It's unlikely that LFL will try and shut down this forum. They've already learned from past experience it's not wise to upset fans - especially on the internet where the fans can tell the whole world about it. If it were me running this forum, I would remove the Star Wars torrents thread (to avoid any niteshdw type incident) and have a disclaimer that the site is not official or authorized by LucasFilm. As far as the XO project goes, as long as it's promoted as a scholarly attempt at restoring and preserving a Laserdisc copy of Star Wars for posterity, and is not distributed to the public, you're probably not going to be sued.

I hate to be a negative nancy and piss on everyone's parade, but Lucas isn't doing this because of overwhelming demand, internet petitions, or because he's suddenly been possessed by Shebastian Shaw. It's simply a business decision. Remember this little tidbit:

"The other movie, it’s on VHS, if anybody wants it. ...[] ... it doesn’t really exist anymore."

His lawyers must have shit enough bricks to build a great wall along the mexican border. That statement would make it almost impossible to sue anybody for copying/distributing copies of the real Star Wars. How could he claim damages resulting from someone copying something that "doesn't really exist anymore?" The release of "the other movie" on dvd will change that. He'll be able to claim lost revenues for this dvd. He'll be able to sue anyone copying and/or distributing copies of TRSW and he'll win in court.

He probably wasn't lying when he said the OOT would never be released on dvd. His lawyers on the other hand, after he made the foolish statement quoted above, obviously let him know only an idiot would disown a piece of work that is such a huge money maker. A good lesson for all artists, don't ever disown a piece of work no matter how much you despise it, it may cost you considerable $$ down the road.

On the positive side, at least you get the OOT on dvd like you've always wanted! Too bad you have to buy the crap versions too! But Lucas is still the selfish fat hack he's always been. (Gee, can you tell I still hate his fatnecked guts?)