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KENOBI: A STAR WARS STORY [The Radical "Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi" Cut]

Hi Anjohan,
the project looks very good.
First of all, sorry for my English, it is not my primary language.
For Leia’s escape I think a scene of some elevator to connect the underwater base with the surface drug lab would be appropriate.
This is just a test. Perhaps it is not the most appropriate elevator and not the best quality, but I think the scene flows better.
It’s just an idea.

The Rise of Skywalker: Ascendant (Released)

mes1983 said:

Octorox said:

It’s definitely better. I think what’s throwing me off is that he’s inflecting downward on both words. It gives it that trademark sentence mixing feel rather than sounding like a natural line delivery.

But wouldn’t one do exactly that if you were to put emphasis one the demotion.?

To my ears it sounds great. But I know I am not the most audiophile 😂

Totally agree.
Sounds perfect to me!

Deepfake Tarkin & Leia swap (Rogue One) (up on the Shamook youtube channel)

VulgarisMagistralis said:

So, I’ve made an edition of the deepfake Tarkin & Leia on Rogue One, if anyone is interested. I used a Blu-ray source on 1080p (which is the max resolution of the fakes) and 5.1 sound. It looks great on my computer, but I didn’t test in on a telly yet, to be honest, and mine isn’t very large either.

I plan on adding the John Williams music as well, but… when I checked the sound channels I noticed a lot of the music spilled into the dialogue channel, and I am not very skilled with sound edition. Any help is appreciated.

I’m planning to publish my edit to fanedit.org, but I need to add credit where credit is due first, and they have a policy over there that one must be a member of their forums for 30 days and all that jazz.

Oh, yes, could I get a link to check this edit?