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Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 MKV IS OUT NOW

I wanted to thank Harmy and all who worked on this restoration. I watched it last night on a projector to screen. The projector used was a QUMI 3 Plus, PICO DLP. Inexpensive. I watched in a dark room to a 85" diagonal white projection screen. I had already watched the BluRay Trilogy editions (I-III and IV-VI) recently released. The packages contain both BluRay and DVD disks. We ripped the DVDs to ISOs for our local Kodi installs and Watched the BluRays on a 65" LED TV.

Obviously I was very dismayed at episode IV through VI. I went to the original open screening of Star Wars - A New Hope when it came to theaters in 1977 with my older sister and subsequent episodes. We were anxiously anticipating the movie and were not disappointed. We were both scifi fans and there had been a huge amount of hype leading up to the premiere. I think I went to Star Wars in my home town theater 7 or 8 times over the run of the movie. At this time, movie houses were monolithic and a popular movie would be “held over” for additional showings as long as the seats were being filled.

The last time I saw the original theatrical release was in the early 80’s on a RCA CED Disk. A local TV/Appliance store carried the RCA players and had thousands of disks for rent. It was the first “video” rental stores in my home town in South Dakota.

I held off purchasing the trilogies until recently when the Force Awakens, Rouge One and Last Jedi awoke my interest in the franchise.

When I first saw the “Special Editions” of IV on BluRay and then DVD, I was really mad. It simply wasn’t the same movie.

Watching the BluRays required fiddling with the color temp controls on the projector or TV almost constantly. The magenta flashes, pink rosy cheeks and lips and the hideously dated CG animations were ghastly.

Thanks for putting things right. The 2.7 edition I believe is as close to the original that I no longer had those WTF…moments while watching and I could enjoy the film as I remembered. Without the cognitive interruption of my brain screaming “THIS IS NOT RIGHT!”

The 2.7 edition I watched on projector looked and felt like watching film and I was immersed in the story and visuals that made the film one of my all time favorites. The sound was excellent too…the BLuRays and DVDs have issues with some nasty clipping in many of the scenes. Like Storm Troopers and DV boarding the princess’s ship. The rear left channel has a terrible crackling clip. The sound mix is very good.

Thank you so much, I can’t wait for when my sister to come for a visit, we will watch on projector and I know she will be absolutely thrilled just we we were in 1977.