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De Palma's PHANTOM (1974) Original Version Restoration *released*

RU.08 said:

RayRogers said:

Any differences for this compared to these three Blu-ray disc releases?

Ray, it’s completely different. Docsap restored all the stuff that was cut or modified at the last minute before the film was theatrically released.

edumj said:


How did you get the Swan Archives footage? I can’t find a way to download those low fps flash clips.


I’m guessing Docsap borrowed the 35mm cut footage and had it transferred himself?

I just saw the Shout/Scream Factory BluRay Extras, and I think he took some footage from this BluRay, and some from the ARROW BluRay (which also have pieces of Swan Song Outtakes). But none has the full length takes to make a perfect edit.

Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*

@jerryshadoe - it's Ok. I also thought it could be an US Theatrical Cut and an European Theatrical Cut! (like Army of Darkness).

I thought there were 4 different cuts, but seeing that post from Captain Kahjiit could be 5 different cuts!

Your BD is just like the R2 DVD (only 3-8 frames frames less).

But, now I just got the 1993 US LD ripped by MrBrown, and it seems just like the R2 DVD! (only changes initial credits "FOX Presents" vs "Morgan Creek Presents")

And the Cabin scene is also just like the R2 DVD:

But seeing a little more, there is a 5 seconds Extended Scene in US LD at min 9! (but I think it matches now the French LD!)

It sounds crazy! I was just thinking about an European Theatrical Cut used for European LD/VHS, and an US Theatrical Cut used for HDTV, R2/R4 DVD and US Laser Disc, but this US LD is also different from R2 DVD!!! It's like the US VHS?? May be some scenes are like one of those from Director's Cut?? I still haven't compare them to any Director's Cut...  May be there are 6 different cuts!??

1-1993 US LD, US VHS?? (US Theatrical??)

2-1993 Spanish VHS, 1996 French LD (European Theatrical, pretty sure!)

3-1996 CBS (US TV Cut)

4-1999 R1 DVD (Director's Expanded Edition)

5-2001 R2/R4 DVD, HDTV (US Theatrical?? with some Director's Scenes??)

6-2010 BluRay (Director's Definitive Cut)

Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*


@ jerryshadoe - I didn't pretend to be funny...
I'm not judging your work, I know the effort of looking for all possible editions searching for all possible Extras, for example.

As I said, those links are comparing the 2 different Director's versions with a German DVD thats claims to be the Theatrical Cut, just because it was the first DVD released!

The Warner R2 DVD was released in Spain in 2001, while the VHS I think it's from 1993, and the FOX LD are from 1993 and 1998 (THX).

Also, in Spain, there are 3 different dubbings:
 -The first one is from 1992 and is on that VHS, so I have no reason to think that's not the REAL Theatrical cut (also when it matches the French LD).
 -The second is from 2001 made for that R2 DVD because the first one didn't match the different cut on the DVD.
 -The third is from 2005 made for TV just to recover the original voice actors (same cut as DVD).

The beginning credits in the Spanish VHS should not be different from the real theatrical cut, because they are in english!, not like the French LD, which are obviously in french... (I didn't think I have to explain that)

Between my VHS and LD are also 1 or 2 different frames, but always happens dropped frames.

Where it is written that the HDTV you used is the Theatrical Cut? Because it matches the Brazilian DVD? It must be like the R2 DVD as you say, but as I said, it doesn't match the older PAL VHS/LD (I don't know yet about the US VHS/LD)

About the LaserDiscs, here, for example a user says about the Laser Disc "I heard it got the release closest to theatrical for the Last of the Mohicans"
Here, after a lot of discussion, another user says "You can still buy The Laser disc version which IS the theatrical release and does have all the extra surround sound and wonderful optics" "the original theatrical version of the film has not been available since the film was on VHS" and "the theatrical cut was never released on DVD". "Last of the Mohicans Theatrical Cut on LD, different cuts on DVD/BD"

Well, running time is about 4 min less in PAL so I don't know the VHS time, but I'll calculate it.

I have the Director's Definitive Cut BD, not the other Director's cut, but I don't need them if you say that HDTV is like the R2 DVD.

So, when I find my european DVD R2 (that might be like your version) you will see that supposed DVD/HDTV Theatrical Version is also different form LD/VHS, and with MrBrown's help, also the US LD.

I hope you find that 35mm print!


Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*

This BD seems more like the Director's cut (I still have not checked the released BluRay or DVD)

In this links:

there are comparisons of "Theatrical Versión vs Director's Definitive Cut" and
"Theatrical Versión vs Director's Expanded Edition" but that "Theatrical" is taken from the German DVD (that should be like the Spanish DVD) and also is not the real Theatrical Cut!

I'll look for the spanish DVD and compare also with the released BluRay...

Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*


you can see comparisons of French Laser Disc and Spanish VHS, versus the supposed Theatrical Cut by shadoe (taken from HDTV):

In the first video you can see that the initial credits are diferent from LD/VHS. There are more "letters" after that "1757" and the mountains appears later.

In the second video I've resync the BD credits and mountains with LD/VHS, so you can see that the end of the hunting scene is 2-3 seconds shorter in BD. And there is an extended scene with that guy turning his head inside the cabin.

In the third video, I've resync again but there is different cabin shot, and inside the cabin another extended scene when the woman talks...

And that's only the first 5 minutes!

Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*


I don't see it in MySpleen (MS?).

I will take some pictures of The French Laser Disc and Spanish VHS, and some of that called Theatrical. But just looking at you can see that the first scene (0:04:38) of this "Original Theatrical Cut" is similar to the Director's Cut and not even like the other (suposed) Theatrical Cut.


Fullscreen Laserdisc / DVD Preservation

Papai2013 said he have The Mask, but must be the DVD not LD.

Also I'm looking for someone how can digitalize The Last of the Mohicans LD.

I already bought 2 LD from eBay, but I could only play the french and used one. The other was the US release (brand new) but I can't play NTSC LDs on my PAL player...

I want that version because I think it's the only place to find the real Theatrical Cut (also it's in VHS which I also bought).

The real Theatrical cut is not in that Sky HDTV, or in any DVD/BluRay I've seen, neither in European DVDs that some people say it the Theatrical one.

Last of the Mohicans - Original Theatrical Cut - BD-50 *RELEASED*


sorry for posting in an old post, but I don't know where to post this.

I just downloaded this release (and the HDTV used for this), and I dont' think it's really the Theatrical Cut.

After many searches, I think the only place with the original Theatrical version is in VHS and LaserDiscs. I bought an Spanish VHS, and 2 LaserDiscs (USA & French). But I could only play the French LD on my PAL player, so I can't see the US LD version.

I think some of you own that same US LD (well, I think there are 2 versions with different audio) and I would like to know if someone could digitalize it.

I've done it with the french LD, but all initial credits are in french and not very good video quality (the LD was used). But the US was new, but I cant' see it because it's NTSC!