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your thoughts: Did Disney kill star wars because it sounds like they did with the last jedi solo and resistance.

LordZerome1080 said:

Voss Caltrez said:


The Force Awakens was a hit.
Rogue One was a hit.
The Last Jedi was a hit, but split fandom based on how the story played out. That’s understandable with an old franchise like this and an iconic character returns in a way that not everyone agrees with.

Solo lost money though.
Maybe one reason is that the public is getting tired of a Star Wars-related movie every year.
But I don’t think because of one spin-off didn’t do well and fandom split on TLJ that Disney killed Star Wars.
If anything, they revived it.
I’m not a big fan of the new trilogy, but they managed to bring some of the magic back to the franchise: characters that you actually like and care about, the funny/comedic moments, and more believable worlds that aren’t just green screens.

Kylo Ren alone is more interesting than any character of the prequels, and probably more interesting than the portrayals of our favorite group in Return of the Jedi.

No just no. Crylo Ruin is never going to be interesting. You need to rewatch ROTJ because the characters are interesting unlike the st where all original trilogy characters get ruined and all the magic gets stamped out.


Quantum Leap: Complete Series with ALL of the Original Music Restored Project. (a WIP)

thatguamguy said:

sithmastersidious said:

Are the blu rays missing any footage?

There were six episodes of the show which aired as two part episodes initially.
“Lee Harvey Oswald” was intact on DVD and UK Blu, but was the syndicated “split” cut on the US blu, missing a scene in the middle of the episode.
The second and third parts of “Trilogy” aired as a single unit, but all of the subsequent releases have been the syndicated “split” cuts; “Trilogy Part II” is unaffected, but “Trilogy Part III” is missing something like five minutes, almost all of it devoted to the mystery of the overall trilogy. By removing all of this footage, the syndicated cut is much more focused on the story of Sam’s daughter (which makes sense when prepared for a casual syndication audience, but is disappointing when they’re all together).
“Return of the Evil Leaper” and “Revenge of the Evil Leaper” aired as a two hour event as well. I’ve yet to be able to track down a copy of this, but I believe that the airing was padded out with behind the scenes footage from the upcoming Civil War episode rather than additional footage in the episode. (The behind the scenes Civil War stuff hasn’t been included anywhere.)

There’s also a few minutes in an episode where they messed up the framing, and one of the leap-outs is the wrong color for some reason. All of this, but nobody has spotted any music replacements on the Blu yet!

Is there anyway to make them whole again?

How do you get rid of anti aliasing in the 80s transformers?

oojason said:

A bit more info may be useful for anyone to be able to try and help, mate - like what release of Transformers are you referring to?

(dvd or blu ray : which region? : if there are multiple releases of the ‘80’s Transformers’ - which version / set do you have? : Is the ‘anti-aliasing’ on every episode or just certain eps? etc : do you have a screenshot or example of the anti aliasing issue?)

Sorry I meant aliasing sorry for the mix up. Anyway is it impossible to fix also the only episode I noticed it on is episode one don’t know if it’s on all episodes. I was watching it on tubi tv if that helps.