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Batman Forever - 2012 Remix (* unfinished project *)

So after many years on/off this project I expect this to be released towards end of the year hopefully by Halloween time

Edit/Remix Status

The project is almost complete after starting in 2012. Again, every single track has been remastered including dialog tracks, sound effects, and of course the music. Remix will be available in HD and is mixed in 5.1. Realistically I took a break between 2013-2014 due to my career taking priority but now is the time to put this project to rest and let the fans see the project. Full list of changes will be made available later.

The intention behind the remix was not to make this a Tim Burton style film, or replace all of the music with just a single composer, or to just simply cut out some silly lines. It’s been done before and there has been some excellent attempts on “fanfixing” this film. Those fanfixes should be the ones to watch to enjoy a version of the Batman Forever of what could have been a better film.

This fanedit of mine is a remix is simply based on my personal decisions on what can make Batman Forever a more enjoyable film today with multiple music composers who have worked on Batman projects as well other cuts or alternative edits to make this film a little more enjoyable in 2016.

Elliot’s original work is mostly great in my opinion, but there are some pieces of his I just don’t care for while Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Nick Arundel, and Christopher Drake have an amazing library of Batman material that works perfectly for certain scenes of the Forever film. Some of Elliot’s work may be used in different scenes this time which is part of the reason why almost everything has been remixed.

Based upon looking at the material used I would say this remix contains 35% Hans Zimmer (with some James Newton Howard), 25% Elliot Goldenthal, 15% Danny Elfman, 15% Nick Arundel, and 10% Christopher Drake. Nick’s work specifically, not exactly material from other co-composers he has worked with.

But hey, the music remix isn’t going to be for everyone which is why the original 1995 5.1 audio mix will also be included as an additional audio track (both for DVD/Blu and mp4). The 1995 audio mix will still contain the important dialog cuts and changes but the music and sound effects will be the same as the 1995 version.

Audio tracks included:
Remixed Audio - To get the full experience of this remix - includes all composers and some updated sound effects
Remixed Score Only [instrumental] - No dialog or sound effects, just the remixed score.
Original 1995 Audio - Original score and sound effects, as well as original songs used in Edward Nigma apartment and credits.
Audio Commentary explaining the edits and choices
[UNDECIDED] Possible fifth track to include just dialog and sound effects - will only do this if it sounds right

This was a music project first that turned into a larger Forever fanedit that still fixes a lot of the scenes most fans don’t care for. Some of the changes and cuts are also inspired by input from fans. For example, both Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones are hopefully more tolerable to watch all the way through in this version. To accomplish this, it takes more than just simply cutting out certain dialog. You will see changes that I feel haven’t been done before which includes (but not limited to Smile
Two-face murdering innocent person at the circus on TV during his “ladies and gentlemen” speech
Riddler shows Two-Face Bruce’s memory differently (i.e. the only line kept in that scene is " what kind of a man has bats on the brain" )
I don’t mind sharing later what is CUT from the film, but part of the experience would be not to spoil some of the other unique changes made to give a completely new feel the film.

One more edit decision - To include or not include

I have one section of the remix that I still would like to get sorted out before I decide to include or not include a specific line that some of us don’t care for while others don’t mind that much.
My only interest to include “holy rusted metal batman” is only if the extra dialog after, “this place was a refueling station for subs,” was ever actually released on any international version of the film.

If any fan is aware of this additional line and where I can obtain it would mean a lot. I have purchased UK, Germany, and Australia versions with no luck. I already know the riddler beating someone with a cane has never been released thus the reason to not bother including “how do i punch a guy” scene at all in my opinion.

Latest teases and updates:

Info Wanted: 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' - audio issues; laserdisc better audio?

In my opinion, the blu ray release contains the best audio so far.

The original 60s cartoon 5.1 basically puts the music and sound effects synced mostly between the front and rear speakers. However you do not hear any dialog/vocals on those speakers, only the center channel which attempts to isolate the dialog as best as possible.

The 1992 XMas again cartoon bonus material on the bluray is also mixed in 5.1 but the stereo FL FR channels are a stereo mix of all vocal/music/effects while the center tries to isolates Vocals (though not as good as the 60s classic attempt)

However the rear speakers in “Xmas again” is just the music with no sound effects or dialog which is a minor step above from the classic if they didn’t add a silly reverb effect to the back which is mostly noticeable if you just want to isolate those tracks to try to listen to the score only.

Now the DVD the bluray package comes with is no different than any previous DVD attempt. Both cartoons on the DVD are 100% mono 1 channel.

In short:
Bluray = Fake 5.1 but centered dialog / Stereo
DVD = mono

In addition, both cartoons are 4:3 on the bluray but still in great quality.

Edit: A personal Charlie Brown / Audio goal is to get a copy of “Bon Voyage Charlie Brown” in some form of stereo or 5.1 attempt. There are a couple of soundtrack pieces (some james bond sounding but also the snoopy bar scenes) that I would love to hear just the music to. To my knowledge all VHS/DVD releases have been in Mono.