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Info: What is your dream fan edit if you could get the rare footage?

Name the film you’d LOVE to recut if the deleted /rare footage existed.

For me it would be “Rocky” Sylvester Stallone stated on the commentary track for “Copland” that there was alot of extra/deleted footage shot for Rocky that was " long gone " …I could have cried…

I can’t wait till December 22nd for Rocky 6 !!!

Help: looking for... Payback - the workprint

Fri June 02, 2006 1:34 AM (NEW!)

Does anyone have the workprint version of Payback (Mel Gibson) on VHS or DVD ? I will trade 3 blank DVD-R’s for it ! This must be the version that differs from the release version that gibson changed drastically.

Thanks for your time and effort

Will trade anything for this …if i can find it …

email at dork741974@yahoo.com

Idea: X-Men 3 - Deleted Scenes - fan edit?
Knowing Fox they will release a bare bones DVD and then an Unrated DVD 6-12 months later to tie into a Wolverine solo venture ....which sucks because if there are any fan edit crew here i know they want to get their hands on the deleted footage so that X3 will work the way it should have in the first place ....from a fan edit point of view .......This movie could have been really great , instead of sucking the way that it did....rush rush rush ...get the run time down so we can make more $$ per screening !!! 98 min film time and 7 mintues of credits

I cannot WAIT till the fanedit hits !!!!!
What is the rarest video in your collection?
What I call the crown jewel of my DVD collection is the Superman 2 extended that i got from My spleen .I know that there is going to be a 14 DISC COLLECTION OF THE sUPERMAN FILMS in November but this is just flawless and i know that Warner Brothers isnt going to have ALL the deletes that are included here .... It is a perfect bookend to the extended Supes the movie .

I was just curious as to what piece of video is your crown jewel..
Help: looking for... any workprints or fan edits?

Long time lurker, first time posting

I have become a very big fan of ANY workprint versions that are out there . As with “The Fan edit” versions of films .

I have in my collection :

Howard Stern Private Parts (WP) 20 min of unseen footage and 80% of the film is alternate takes of the finished film .

Jay and Silent Bob strike back -On a shitty VHS dub That i would kill for a DVD edition

And what got me interested in fan edits to begin with ----

Superman 2 the extended international version - Absolute Brilliance !!! This is the crown jewel in my DVD collection !!!

I am interested in any workprint version or fan edit out there of pretty much anything and was wondering who might have a couple of the following

The Crow - workprint

Fight Club- workprint

Payback : AKA Porter (Mel Gibson) -workprint----I really really want this one

I would be willing to send a blank $ilver for the copy and 2 additional blanks each for thanks .

I just wish My spleen uploaded more workprints because after i watched HSPP and J&SBSB i was hooked on workprints

Offer anything —chances are I’ll take it

Thanks for your time …