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Sabrina The Teenage Witch - The Entire Enchanted Edition

Fullmetaled said:

It’s sad that because of you wish and teen angel not being that popular they can never get anything but tv rips. I feel even not that popular but liked by even some people shows should be treated better than this. I included another show in this category unhappily ever after it’s stuck in garbage quality too. 😦

I totally agree and also there are shows that ran for over 5 seasons and they still get a horrible release, like Beverly Hills 90210.
Seems any show isn’t really safe anymore.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch - The Entire Enchanted Edition

Have been working on this show for a while now and I have finally restored every episode to it’s original version.
Thanks to syndicated versions streaming on a New Zealand site for season 1 to 7 minus 5 and RewindTV for season 5.

There may still be interlacing issues as this show’s releases have these issues.
Some players show this issue more than others though.

A lot of work went into the season 2 crossover event, It uses the VHS versions for Teen Angel and You Wish but the DVD version of the Sabrina episode as well as the streaming version of Boy Meets World.
Thanks to TV vault for the VHS versions which included the Salem intro’s and promo ads. It needed some editing to make it all seemless, including some masking and some tweaking to fix the broken beginning and I created something for the end to make it feel more like a conclusion.

So along with my other tv projects like Friends and Beverly Hills 90210, I am extremely proud of what I have achieved here. (A shout out of thanks to my friend for his help with this one).

Sister Sister(1994)- season 2 with original soundtrack

A while back I was helping someone out with Kenan & Kel on here.
They also wanted Sister Sister done and had some sources of it.
I did the pilot and maybe the second episode but because I was working on other shows and still am, didn’t really get around to them after that.
Plus the person stopped contacting me after Kenan & Kel so not sure If I have all the sources for it any more.
Will check If I downloaded them and let you know.