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'A Visit To Disneyland' - 1967 6mm IB Tech promotional short (* unfinished project *)

Bought an unusual item off UK eBay a few months ago: a 5 1/2 minute IB Tech promotional Disneyland short. It has uncut original leaders which identify the title as “A Visit to Disneyland 1967”. There’s a brief copyright notice to Disney in between the countdown but no other actual credits. No dialogue or narration either, just music accompanying very colourful Technicolor shots of Disneyland. 😃

Can’t find any mention of this particular short on the Internet. Having projected it a couple times, it’s pretty clean for an old print, no splices. I suspect most (if not all) of the footage may have been cobbled together from a longer production but personally find it charming enough as a standalone short to move forward with having it professionally cleaned and scanned dual-flash. Output will be 4K ProRes, which seems overkill for 16mm but we’ll probably get as much detail as possible out of the print, especially in the shadows and highlights.

Here’s a link to some screenshots from a projection, it’s darker than it should be but a good representation of that Technicolor vibrance:

While I’ve been an offered a more than reasonable quote, donations are certainly welcome. I’m not quite sure how to go about with a release but would be happy to share the print scan eventually with anyone who’s interested. Feel free to PM for more info. 😉

UPDATE: Print has been shipped to the lab. Assuming there are no unexpected surprises, I intend to raise €80 to cover the cost of scanning.

Walt Disney Classics - 4K (donations sought) (several WIPs)

Not to hijack this thread but I’m currently eyeing an auction for a nice looking IB Tech of a certain Disney animated feature. I could realistically barely scrape 3/4ths of the starting bid but I doubt it will stay at that for long. Admittedly this is a little speculative but if anyone here can contribute towards a potential purchase, drop me a PM for more details! 😃