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Rewriting the OT-What would you do?

I’m referring to the original films as well as the re-releases:

  1. The name Obi Wan uses to hide. Who would not know that old Ben Kenobi is Obi-Wan Kenobi?
  2. Take out A LOT of the new things that were added with CGI in Tatooine.
  3. Obviously Han (and only him) shoots first.
  4. I’ll be the odd one here, but I didn’t mind the Jabba scene in ANH. Just take out greedo.
  5. Can Obi-Wan and Vader’s fight be more like scene 38 reimagined please?
  6. Time being counted again after the battle of Yavin, I would have it restart after the battle of Endor.
  7. Boba Fett keeps his voice.
  8. I’m fine with Leia having the force, but why is she conviniently Luke’s sister? And also, twin? The kiss between them remains,
  9. I think that more time should have passed between ESB and ROTJ, so Luke can train more.
  10. Jabba living conviniently on Tatooine for no reason, I would just use another desert-like planet.
  11. Something needs to be done regarding jedi rocks.
  12. The Sarlacc remais as it was originally.
  13. I know the troopers would miss a blue whale stuck in the beach 10 feet ahead, but can we have something else than just the ewoks to beat them up in the forest? It seemed too much for me.
  14. Luke is more brutal towards Vader in their second duel, fighting more aggressively and damaging him more.
  15. Goodbye to Vader’s NOOO. It was fine before.
  16. Cast David Prowse as Vader without the mask and as a ghost (not replaced with Hayden Christensen either).