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Journal of the Whills - The Sequel Trilogy Completely Reimagined (Released)

I’m only 20 minutes in, but this edit is pretty astonishing. I’ve spent my fair share of time messing around with “radical edits” over the years, but this one takes the cake.

If you have even a passing interest in the sequels then do yourself a favour and get this. Personally I have no interest in them anymore and it even has me impressed.

Guardian of the Force (an Obi-Wan movie edit)

theprion said:

Having never seen the show or its other edits before, I just watched this and liked it a lot!

I had only read bad things about the show, but if that’s the case then you did a great job with the source material. It feels like a movie and the pace is just right. Proficiently put together as well.

I did think the audio was a bit muffled, specially at the beginning, and the image is quite soft (I watched the ~7GB upscaled file).

Other than some nitpicking, my main gripes with the cut itself would be:

  • The musical score is VERY lacking. Not completely throughout, but in most dramatic and tenseful moments it screams “generic youtube channel epic trailer music”. I wonder how much work would be to rescore the cut with some varied SW music, it’d certainly improve it;
  • The Grand Inquisitor, what a cringe worthy fellow. Looks like a Power Rangers crossover or something. Couldn’t he remain dead for the rest of the film? Or is he vital to some continuity? I hope not;
  • Some videogamey moments that I think the cut would be better off without (Vader suiting-up, Vader force-pulling the ship);
  • The final showdown between Vader and Obi-Wan could be even more streamlined, perhaps? Specifically when Vader buries Obi-Wan and later when Obi force-push rocks at Vader, also look very videogamey and could be cut from the fight with it being resumed seamlessly - with the only downside of Vader being inexplicably weakened to the point of defeat.

What do you think?

Thanks again for sharing and the work you put into it.

Thanks for the review, I appreciate it. And I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Rescoring Star Wars movies is a nightmare. I tried rescoring TPM a long time ago and it basically meant redoing most of the sound effects in those scenes. It also tends to result in the new score having to be too loud - I’ve heard this in other edits as well, because you have to drown out the remnants of the original score. So it’s just not worth doing in most cases. But I agree that the score is pretty mediocre, like it has been for other recent Disney Star Wars stuff.

If you think the Grand Inquisitor is bad here you definitely don’t want to watch the full series. I cut nearly all of his and Reva’s scenes. If he remained dead then Reva would have no arc at all, as presumably it would mean cutting the scene where she and Vader fight. I’ve cut it back to the bone as is, but without that final scene I don’t think it makes sense to even have Reva in the movie. And without her in the movie the plot falls apart… because who kidnapped Leia and who planted the tracking etc.

Sony Vegas - Rendering settings and community of practice

I’m still working with Sony Vegas. Emphasis on the word Sony, because I do not like Magix Vegas nearly as much. I found it much harder to use, much less intuitive. Now admittedly I’m a halfwit so that might have something to do with it, but Vegas used to be so easy to use that I went back to my old CD of v13. So my settings might be a decade out of date but here’s my preferred rendering, which I’m happy with:

Video format: XAVCS

AVC codec

1920 X 1080


Audio: WAV or FLAC in stereo at the highest quality possible

(which I render separately then mux together with the video)

The finished file will be around 35-40 gigs for a 2 hour file, so I use Handbrake to create an x265 about 25% that size if I’m gonna upload the file to the net.

Quest of the Mandalorian (Mando season 2 movie edit)

I wanted to make an edit of Mandalorian season 2 that focused completely on the quest of Mando to get Grogu safely to a Jedi, and then add in some of the Book of Boba Fett scenes showing what happens next as a third act of the movie. I’ve removed every single side quest of Mando season 2 and then tried to construct a narrative where the “gang” are all introduced during the first 2 acts, so they can go rescue Grogu near the end… but without all the extraneous story of the week stuff that I didn’t love about season 2 - Ahsoka against the magistrate, getting the frogs to the planet with the eggs, the sand worm, etc.

Whether this works as a movie I don’t know, but it seems pretty good to me. So I’d like to get some feedback please. If you’re willing to let me know what you think, the edit’s online right now - PM me.

The cut is 1h 49m. The encode I have online is an x265.

Guardian of the Force (an Obi-Wan movie edit)

This is my first Star Wars edit for a long time. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve watched several different Obi-Wan movie edits and have found lots of great things in them all… but none of them 100% hit the mark for me.

The main issue IMO was they still felt “TV-ish”, episodic in structure. Specifically the A-plot being:

Leia is kidnapped
Obi-Wan goes on an adventure and rescues her
Obi-Wan and Vader have a fight
Leia is kidnapped again
Obi-Wan goes on an adventure and rescues her again
Obi-Wan and Vader have a fight again

This makes no sense as a movie structure, and surely this would never have happened if they’d made it into a movie in the first place. The whole thing feels padded out to make it into six episodes. If it had been a movie then I think Leia would have been kidnapped, then Obi-Wan would have rescued her and then the fight with Vader would have come as the 3rd act climax.

So I changed a load of things around to make it into that movie. I completely cut the first fight with Vader and I cut Leia getting kidnapped a second time and taken to the underwater base. That whole section I felt dragged anyway, so it was nice to ditch it entirely.

My initial idea was to use the Spence V3 edit as a basis for my own version which I would just keep and not share with anyone. I thought his was the best of the edits I’ve seen.

But I think it’s turned out better than I was expecting so I thought I might want to share it, maybe some of you would like it as well. I have asked Spence for his permission to share this edit, and he has kindly consented.

I’ve also borrowed and outright stolen ideas and whole chunks from the other 3 edits I’ve seen recently. Those edits are by:

Kai Patterson
Pentex Productions

I’ve always viewed fan editing as a collaborative endeavour. We build on what others have done in the hopes that others will build on what we have done. So I wish to thank all four editors for their excellent work, and I’d advise you all to check out their edits, which are pretty easy to find online.

If you want to view a copy please be aware that the version I’ll share is HEVC/X265 codec. Please make sure you can view MP4 files with this codec. I won’t be doing an AVC/X264 version.

It’s a pretty small file, around 4gb, I may upload a larger one to MySpleen eventually.

PM me if you want a copy - or better yet, if you have access, get it from MySpleen where it’ll be uploaded in the next few hours - but please don’t reply to this thread and fill it up with requests.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Fan Edit Ideas thread...

Hey everyone.

I liked the film - and more the second time around, which is always a good sign. Act 3 being so good enriches everything in the first 2 acts on rewatch.

I’d change a few things:

The score. I’d like to see most of it rescored with ANH/ESB tracks.

Cut as much (ideally all) Forest Whitaker.

I’d replace Vader’s bad pun with something he might actually have said in that situation.

Make a few subtle cuts of Tarkin shots and dialogue. I thought his voice was a bigger problem than the CGI.

The opening 20 minutes could be tightened.

On a different tack, I’m looking forward to “Death Star: The Motion Picture” that someone will now inevitably make.

The Force Awakens : Fan Edit Ideas

I’ve just uploaded a rough TFA edit. If anyone wants it send a PM.

It started out as an experiment to see if I could seamlessly remove the Rathtars and X-wing assault on SKB. I had thought the Rathtars would be reasonably easy and X-Wings tough or maybe impossible. But in practice the Rathtars were much tougher due to having to cut so many shots of Chewie’s wounded arm, and the X-wings was quite an easy thing to cut. The X-wing-less Act 3 really works well, IMO, and means it doesn’t feel like a retread of ANH in the last 20 minutes any more.

It’s rough around the edges… you know, like all my fanedits. But hopefully it’ll be helpful to those down the line with their edits.

The Force Awakens : Fan Edit Ideas

Lord Haseo said:

daneditor said:
It seems likely that Snoke has access to the Force, so why can’t it be assumed that he’s used the Force to get the information?

Because it’s not established that he can do things like that. Forcedunit is already a poor writing tool in situations where it’s kind of explained so no explanation at all would be nearly unforgivable. I think the best course of action is to trim the scene as much as possible while still having it be a proper scene. At least that’s what I’m doing.

OK, I’ll put it another way: why does the audience need to know how Snoke discovered the news? And is it worth the entire rathtar scene just for that piece of exposition?

I personally don’t need to know how Snoke got the info. Whether it’s the Force or his spies or whatever. He’s a powerful overload-type. He’s clearly got some powers.

Him getting the info before Kylo Ren tells the audience that Snoke is ahead of Kylo Ren in the game. That’s what matters, not some mechanical plot element.

Besides, I think the rathtars really damage the movie and would be much better cut altogether. It screws with the pacing to have an action scene there. The escape from Jakku only finished a couple of minutes earlier. The film needs a breather with a bit of quiet character stuff with Han. Then onto Maz.

The Force Awakens : Fan Edit Ideas

Lord Haseo said:

Actually the leader of the Guavian Death Gang told the First Order BB-8 was on the Millennium Falcon and in the hands of Han Solo.

I was thinking of doing a quick edit next week when the blu ray gets here and the first thing I’d cut would be the rathtars scene, which messes up the rhythm of the movie.

But if the Scottish guy telling the First Order about BB-8 on the Falcon is the only continuity issue then I don’t see the problem. It seems likely that Snoke has access to the Force, so why can’t it be assumed that he’s used the Force to get the information?

The Force Awakens : Fan Edit Ideas

TV’s Frink said:

I think it’s reasonable to assume Luke only wanted to be found by the right person and/or at the right time.

And we’ll probably find out in the next movie.

Yeah agreed.

I guess my point is that I’d like to see a fan editor streamline the map storyline… somehow. Either so that BB-8 has the whole map, or changing the waking up of Artoo to make it feel less coincidental and random.

The Force Awakens : Fan Edit Ideas

To be honest, after seeing TFA for a third time I’ve made my peace with the Starkiller Base. It’s quite a neat idea to have it kill a star while taking the word starkiller… it’s quite clever, in admittedly a wholly unoriginal way.

The main issue I can’t seem to make peace with is the map. That whole mcguffin doesn’t seem to have been thought out.

A) why would someone who doesn’t want to get found make a map to his location?

B) why does Artoo have some of the map and Max Von Sydow have the rest?

C) why does Artoo wake up suddenly out of the blue and remember he has the map?

D) why did no one think to check Artoo all the time he was catatonic in case he had a map to his old owner?

The whole thing gives me a headache and just seems needlessly complicated. The film is so well directed that you go along with it in the moment but after the credits roll it really bugs me.

The Force Awakens: Official Review Thread - ** SPOILERS **

Dunedain said:

Haven’t seen it, but I heard it’s a really bad quality rip-off of the story in the first Star Wars, incredibly lacking in originality. To the point where any criticisms against how references to the original trilogy were handled in the prequels make Lucas seem like a master of subtlety…

Is that the feeling a lot of other Star Wars fans have that have already seen it?

It’s a well made, fun movie with genuinely lovable and empathetic characters.

Sure, the plot is predictable and too reliant on ANH, but the characters and the energy of the direction makes up for it.