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Conan The Barbarian 1982 US Theatrical Edition & BONUS! *RELEASED*

SpacemanDoug said:

Cbrowne29 said:

SpacemanDoug said:

Class316 said:

I too have the Australian blu. Wouldn’t mind the US Theatrical cut in HD.

I found this 10GB version on myspleen


Ah yes that’s my upload and it’s taken from a much more recent scan, it looks better than the blu-ray and the missing audio cues and sound effects are restored on it

Dude, help a brother out. I don’t have access to myspleen. I have the amazon copy of the theatrical on Prime but would like to have a version like yours on Plex. Any way to get it to me like on Pirate Bay or someplace else. Been following this dark Jedi thread for 8 years and it all is elusive to get their version. It’s like a club that I can’t break into. ANy help would be sweet.

I can after I’m finished with work for the week

I would also love to get my hands on this cut. Like the other guy, I’ve had my eye on this thread for years and have never been able to find it. Please help me in casting the US blu-ray with it’s missing soundtrack instruments to the land of wind and ghosts where it belongs!