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Adywan's Revisited series

Hi All,

I’ve found a lot of great cover art for use on my Plex server here over the past many years, so I thought I’d share some that I made as well. Below are the covers I made and use for Adywan’s Revisited series. I host more obscure covers on my podcast’s blog here (Jamie Benning docs, The Making of ESB, The Magic and Mystery, etc.).

Adywan’s Star Wars Revisited series:
When I made these covers from scratch one afternoon, I felt really good about the designs I’d assembled. The covers felt immediately classic.

Of course I realized later that I subconsciously ripped the entire design from Carol Titelman’s “The Art of Star Wars” series, down the very McQuarrie paintings… I looked through these often as a kid and the covers must have stuck.

Regardless, I think the designs make great covers for Adywan’s Revisted collection. Enjoy.

Star Wars Revisited
The Empire Strikes Back Revisited
Return Of The Jedi Revisited