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Evil Dead: Soul Swallower Edition -FAN EDIT- (Released)

Sorry had a issue with my hard drive dying which set me back alot. Nearing completion now. Ill post updates very soon.

While the hard drive was broken I have been going through the fan edit and cleaning up any wonky edits done. Also been cleaning up the directors cut of army of darkness with issues of the blu ray transfer like white dots and white streaks appearing occasionally:

Evil Dead: Soul Swallower Edition -FAN EDIT- (Released)

benduwan said:

i´m afraid there will be no hd deletet scenes.only if they run in hdtv.
wich scenes you would insert in the movie?

RESOLUTION…: 1920*1080 < change to 1280 x 536 (without black bars) my suggestion…

Its a shame that there are no hq deleted scenes, I might release two versions one 1080p and one 720p with the hdtv deleted scenes

Evil Dead: Soul Swallower Edition -FAN EDIT- (Released)

Goodday! EDITED 29/10/20

After about a year of editing and restarting completely in march I have finally completed Version 1 of the fan edit

Here is a list of all the edits:

------------------------------------------EVIL DEAD 1 EDITS-----------------------------------------------------------

-Replaced the evil deads intro with evil dead 2’s explaination of the necronomicon -Created a new title screen logo to fit with the franchise -Colour corrected and added the driving through tunnel shot from evil dead 2 for a more visually interesting first shot -Removed the shots of the evil dead going through the woods to help with the flow and not overwhelm the audience -Replaced the footage of the woods when the evil dead is first summoned with the more exciting footage from evil dead 2 -I removed the doll head shot 40 mins in when cheryl is smacked into the cellar as it is jarringly obvious its a doll: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1skye9mm4IPuf1fjGrO4p1tyoolN8zO4k/view -Replaced Lindas decap scene with that of evil dead 2’s to help with the transition later on from evil dead 1 to 2 and because it looked more striking -Removed some frames from the evil dead melt scene as it was a bit distracting //In Version 2 will be fixing up the frames instead of just removing them -Next is the transition from Evil Dead 1 to Evil Dead 2, I went off of this interview with bruce campbell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzOIHOjYcqM -I decided to edit the transition further and edit the color tone of evil dead 2 to match evil dead 1 and give it a much more sunrise feel: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eCzYZVps4mB8Wo6Epq0W5yWXnVLfxtI-

------------------------------------------EVIL DEAD 2 EDITS-----------------------------------------------------------

-Colour corrected ashes possesion scene to fit the sunrise from the first film

-I removed the shot of the ghoul skull overlayed on the cabin, Bit too silly for my liking: Most of the edits of evil dead 2 were to subtle help the tone fit the first film more https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WwSj9nHHuWUrdbUkettFd4nNC8rxbJAm

-Once ash gets to the bridge times speeds up and the next shot shows that its now sunset, thought it would be cool to show the sunset on ashes face so the audience could feel something is wrong: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hx3uojFnJMKkBfRxa18keqttwmxE-6fF

-When ash is driving away in the oldsmobile I fixed the brightness to keep some consistency via removing shots and editing others: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DBiZ-Ev1ubDI37cMYrLXnfIeWfx5EaAo

-From this point onwards nearly EVERY shot has been consistently darkened to fit with The Evil Deads darkness, Evil dead 2 was far too bright, didnt feel like a cabin in the woods felt more like a tv studio

-Removed the section with linda dancing outside,Felt it killed the pacing and atmosphere: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zEEBnOCz-pN2oz3vCpLpmCrXR9D7oZuk

-In version 2 for one shot Im going to deepfake the original actress of linda over the new lindas face when linda tries to convince ash not to kill her

-Removed the mouse trap gag when ash is trying to shoot his hand https://drive.google.com/open?id=1By2W0KRa8U5qEdvsPzMu-f2WMnFav1Mu

-Cut down the scene of ash getting smashed in the face with plates, Too slapstick

-Removed the dude punching henrietta twice, Made it so he was only able to get one hit in before succuming

-Removed the shot of henriettas eye flying

-Removed the shot of DUDE very slowly eating CHICKS hair

-Version 2 will have DUDES green blood turned to blood red

-Removed the shot of ashes hair greying because the effect doesnt look very good and the ashes grey streak was pretty much removed in army of darkness

-Cut down the fight abit between ash and Henrietta

-This is the transition from evil dead 2 to army of darkness, Played around with the colour grading to help them mash together better, Evil dead 2s ending is quite desaturated even in army of darkness: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X0Yxg08Yub9UfCqaNdfhJhIL2cunsPow

------------------------------------------ARMY OF DARKNESS----------------------------------------------------------- Army of darkness was the movie with the most edits done to it by far due to just how tonally off it was compared to its predesscors Also touched up several frames throughout the film that had suffered damage or had hairs left on screen

-Most of the movie had to be completely recoloured to fit with the other two films, All night shots were darkened and completely recoloured to make the colours pop against the dark whereas the day shots were slightly touched up using the directors cut as the source -Removed the jarring sped up footage as the arrow chases the prisoner

-Removed the stupid gags from the fight between ash and the pit witch, Also cut down the reactions from the crowd to give the affect of ash feeling more isolated

-Removed the “shoes untied” joke between ash and king arthur

-Made it so ash aint no bitch that hesitates with shooting deadites

This is where it get interesting, There are three main scenes that I had to quite heavily edit out the
jokes and stupids gags out of it, The side effect is now these three scenes have much quicker pacing
and higher energy as they dont have to be bogged down with skits and jokes
-Added new audio of ashes old friends from evildead 1 taunting him for not saving them, Helps to further connect army of darkness to the first film. Put it over the windmill scene when ash first arrives

-I have removed the entirety of the little ashes sequence instead ash just gets an itch that leads to evil ash, I wish I could have padded out the scene with further footage but the deleted scenes aren in good enough quality. Also cut out the slapstick stuff between ash and evil ash

-Removed frames of evil ash getting shot in the face to make the shotgun have more impact

-swapped out the theatrical cut "good,bad, im the guy with the gun line to the directors cut line “I aint that good”

-Removed the scene of evil ash talking to keep the pacing high and to trick the audience into thinking he is dead.

-I basically just removed some jokes from the cemetary scene

-Removed the first necronomicon completely and cut down the flying evil necronomicon

-Removed the skeleton hands skits

-Fixed an audio clipping issue which seems to be present in the directors cut sometimes when the restored delted scenes cut back to the theatrical cut footage

-Deleted the “I may be bad but I feel…Good” Line from shelia

-Added a new background song as the first wave charges towards the castle

-Just removed some bad efx shots and jokes etc during the battle

-Added the same background song during the ash vs evil ash fight -Removed ashes reaction shot to evil ashes skull spinning

-Removed evil ashes “skull whistle” gag as he is sent flying

-When I was making this edit i was having a hard time deciding which ending to use for army of darkness, theatrical ending has more action and has the famous one liners with one final end fight but doesnt fit the tone of evil dead 1 or 2 and the directors cut ending is the perfect way to finish the marathon so i decided to hell with it and put the theatrical ending as a dream sequence that ash is dreaming when sleeping for 700 years so you get the best of both worlds that way: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QABCTPy__RxZf0koM6LUMm664FSHw_FY

-Replaced the end credit theme with that of evil dead 2s

FORMAT…: MP4 VIDEO CODEC…: H.264 AUDIO CODEC…: ACC STEREO FILE SIZE…: APPROX 9GB. 60GB (For lossless Blu Ray version) RESOLUTION…: 1920*1080 FRAME RATE…: 23.976 fps LANGUAGE…: English SUBTITLES…: NONE YET RUNTIME…: 4HR’s approx