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Star Wars 2004 DVD-inspired Covers (ONGOING)

corymcg94 said:

hihocustom said:

corymcg94 said:
Any more updates? Perhaps, covers for Bad Batch Season 2, Visions Season 2, Ahsoka Season 1, and maybe even Forces of Destiny ?

ill make it soon, Im just busy on college

It’s all good, just wondered.
Thank you!

Also, there’s a patreon user called Star Wars Fan Animations and he’s in the final stages of finishing a Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire feature length fan-film that is based on not just the game but also the book and the comics too. So I thought it’d be awesome to have a dvd cover for that since a couple of his patreon donation higher tiers allows him to give out that fan-film of his on blu-ray or dvd to his patreon members and i’m one of his higher tier members too.

So can u do a dvd cover for Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, and I’d also like covers for the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny animated shorts series, and Young Jedi Adventures.