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FAN EDIT REQUEST THREAD- Post your dream Fan Edits Here!
anyone think it would be possible to recut an mst3k show/movie by replacing the movie on screen? e.g. replace 'the brain that wouldnt die' with 'the man with two brains' (the bruce campbell movie)?

even use footage from multiple episodes to compile your own mst3k episode... hell, you could cut something and let them mst3k a simpsons episode!

yes.... thats what i need...
FAN EDIT REQUEST THREAD- Post your dream Fan Edits Here!
doh, how about...

removing "the message" from disney films -

lightsaber edition of equilibrium and ultraviolet - all those swords get boring... maybe just a lightsaber trailer?

"starship troopers propaganda movie" - akin to the 50's and 60's usa propaganda films. need an old narrator smoking to do it justice!

"The Last Samurai Batman" - replace tom cruise with batman (preferably michael keaton version) in the entire movie. have him saying great batman one liners etc. i've never seen the last samurai... got this idea from watching the trailer.

"escape from earth" - using footage from: the thing, escape from ny/la, big trouble in little china and soldier to create the third movie in john carpenter's trilogy!!!! (does anyone have the escape from earth script? i want to read it!!!)

"resident evil 1.5" - combine and edit res evil 1+2 to remove a bunch of crap and make the 1st ending blend perfectly with the beginning of 2nd. i'd also remove the flashbacks and amnesia parts, and all of the backstory.

re: shaun of the dead edit, how about splicing in some scenes from spaced?
Johnny Mnemonic Japan Cut <JM> Extended
got the audiobook. its got whoosh sound effects lol

taken from:

'Johnny Mnemonic' audio book (1995)
This is not an audio book version of William Gibson's short story 'Johnny Mnemonic'. In the wake of the huge merchandise of the movie 'Johnny Mnemonic', a novel which tells the storyline of the movie was written by Terry Bisson and published. So the audio book is actually a read version of the novel, which was based on the movie, which on the other hand was made out of the movie script William Gibson wrote adapting his short story 'Johnny Mnemonic'. Adapting a story four times undoubtely doesn't do any good to the quality of the story.

2 audio cassettes approx. 2 hrs.(abridged)
Read by Jack Noseworthy
A Novel By Terry Bisson
Based on the short story by William Gibson
Published by Simon and Schuster Audio Books
2005 King Kong
i'd like to see an edit of the actual movie that they've been shooting, e.g. what jack black is shooting, add it to the footage from 1933 and 1976 (if there was? i dont remember.) to get a 'complete king kong' picture.

does that make any sense? also i havent seen all of the 2005 one, but from what i've seen its slow
fan edit: removing 'the message' from disney films?
thank you for all the feedback!
i'm a bad guy for wanting to change a disney 'classic'

i guess i'll have to review and play with some disney movies before i can decide on what to do... yes, those talking animals/silverware get very annoying!

there is a technique for editing, wherein the user has to have the dvd or file for it to work. the only thing you distribute is a timing (like a subtitle) file that contains an index of times. it says what part to cut, what part to play when... i remember the clearplay people were using it... "Filters offensive content by playing movies with custom software on a personal computer."

has anyone tried this type of editing? the only thing i've seen of is the open source mplayer/mencoder's EDL (edit decision list) feature... . are there other, more popular formats? would anyone be interested in using this instead of distributing a whole movie? - "Make Your Own "Phantom Edit" with Mplayer"
contains no instructions, merely a quick summary of possibilities.
fan edit: removing 'the message' from disney films?
has anyone given any thought into editing some disney 'classics' and removing the message that disney preaches? usually this message bogs down the movie and distracts from the movie experience. one recent example being the chicken little movie. in it they interrupt an alien invasion to have a father-son talk, along with at least 10-20 mins of 'you should talk to your father' dialog... or what about removing the musical part of these movies? all the silly songs, etc?

just wondering if anyone would be interested if i undertook such a task. altho i dont know which movie to start with. i havent seen bambi or pinnochio or aladdin etc in quite a while.

i'm not bitter, really! but if you think this is crazy, please tell me.
3D Movies Preservation
I'd kill for some 3d movies

i think you can convert those to red-blue, altho i'm not 100% positive, this guy has some samples and stuff at

Welcome to my experimentail 3-D home video page. The movies here were tapes on an old Sony Digital8 camcorder using a NuView 3-D adapter. This gadget produces field sequental (also called interlaced) 3-D video which can be viewed on a CRT TV using electronic LCD shutter glasses. This type of video comes out in full color and looking great (but with some flicker).

I then use software on my Mac to convert these full size 3-D movies to red/blue anaglyph video, like the type Medium on NBC was recently shown in (as well as Spy Kids 3-D and Shrek 3-D DVD).

i'm not sure of the quality after a conversion (someone said it wasnt so great as the depth could be wrong) but one of you could try it and see?

wasnt there a 3d 'House of wax' ?
also a bunch of animated festivals also had 3d viewings and no dvd release, like ...
Cyberworld 3d -

anyways, i look forward to any 3d movie, new or old, in theaters or on dvd.