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Star Wars Despecialized Editions - Custom Bluray Set

njvc said:

I’m getting quite a few messages asking for ROTJ links. Please know I will update here when everything is available. It won’t be too long now. It has taken longer for ROTJ because of the extra doco discs, and my decision to reupload the 25 and 50GB movie discs with an HD menu. Should all be done in the next few days.

Guilty as charged…

stardork said:

We’ve been waiting our whole lives for a set like this, another few days is nothing. Take your time.

Been on here for awhile, haven’t posted I don’t think, but PM’d njvc for the links to the finished discs so far, and I said almost exactly that to him and expressed my undying gratitude.

Also PM’d Harmy awhile back and told him pretty much the same.

I am quite frankly in awe and incredibly grateful about what they, and others, have accomplished.