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Star Wars Episode III: Labyrinth Of Evil (Finished!)

poppasketti said:

I’ve updated the shot to improve some of the tracking and masking (It’s the same link, but I’ll repost below), and I’ve also done the next Chewbacca shot!

So right now we have:

1) Chewie Wide Removal
PW: fanedit

2) Chewie CU Removal
PW: fanedit

Looks like there’s about four shots left, and as Hal said, some may be more necessary than others. The shots of Yoda being attacked by clones might not be needed, so I’ll leave those for last. That leaves two more shots, which I will try to get to soon.

TBH I don’t know why you would wanna remove Chewie

Clone Wars Movie Series

smudger9 said:

So, a bit of a sad update on this project.

My external hard drive recently gave up the ghost and took all my “in progress” projects and completed project files with it. Unfortunately I just don’t have the heart to redo the work I lost, especially as life has got a bit busy recently with a job change, house move and deciding to do a half iron man.

To top it all off Vimeo has just shut down my account because my videos contains copyrighted sources.

So that’s probably the end of these movies I think. My current plan is to take time away from editing and then focus on the live action TV shows… The Mandalorian should be great source material for a few movies.

This is why you always have a backup

Star Wars Steelbook Villain Posters for AOTC and Rogue One

Before The Last Jedi was released on blu-ray, I decided to get ahead of the game and make a cover which turned out very similar to yours, however just slightly different. I also made some other covers as well including for the animated series and a few for The Force Awakens. As I can never decide which one to use on my Plex server, I’m always changing them around.

Covers I made

I cannot seems to get image preview to work properly here, so here is the link: