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Clone Wars Movie Series

smudger9 said:

So, a bit of a sad update on this project.

My external hard drive recently gave up the ghost and took all my “in progress” projects and completed project files with it. Unfortunately I just don’t have the heart to redo the work I lost, especially as life has got a bit busy recently with a job change, house move and deciding to do a half iron man.

To top it all off Vimeo has just shut down my account because my videos contains copyrighted sources.

So that’s probably the end of these movies I think. My current plan is to take time away from editing and then focus on the live action TV shows… The Mandalorian should be great source material for a few movies.

This is why you always have a backup

Star Wars Steelbook Villain Posters for AOTC and Rogue One

Before The Last Jedi was released on blu-ray, I decided to get ahead of the game and make a cover which turned out very similar to yours, however just slightly different. I also made some other covers as well including for the animated series and a few for The Force Awakens. As I can never decide which one to use on my Plex server, I’m always changing them around.

Covers I made

I cannot seems to get image preview to work properly here, so here is the link: