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Info: Star Wars Executor Boxset VHS (1995)
Originally posted by: RowMan
Has anyone done a VHS to DVD transfer of Classic Creatures or From Star Wars to Jedi from this set? The US NTSC videotapes don't look that great and I wonder if these would look any better. If they do, they could be a good non-subtitled alternative to the Japanese laserdiscs which have subtitles.

Didn't Rikter say not so long ago that he'd acquired the non-subbed versions? Otherwise I would have done it from my own set

LEGO Star Wars - the games!!

Guys - anyone else played the new Lego Star Wars game? It’s SUPERB lol!

Ok it may not be Republic Commando or anything but for sheer fun and funny tit-bits: like using the force to make chairs dance to the Cantina tune - or solving a puzzle so that a room is transformed into a disco full of raving cloners - I only planned on giving it a quick play as I had work to do yet I was on the bloody thing for 6 hours!

Oh - and the story levels for EACH PT episode is pretty accurate too - and there’s nothing like seeing trooper lego bits hit the deck after a swipe of your light sabre

STAR WARS: The Torrents thread
Request time for any one who can copy their DVD-R files back to HD : The Isomix trilogy is still alive and well on the Spleen - but the Extras DVDR has passed on so my 4-disc tray has a gaping hole - could anyone help out please or shall it be a long wait til we wrap around to these again?

Thanks to anyone - less than 7 weeks to go now

yup - you're right it's the Farsight Extras - couple of peers have popped on - one with 94% so I bet he's hoping for some help too - thanks to anyone
Preview of the new "Angrysun" Collection DVD Covers...
Journal Of The Whills should now be the staple 4 the custom sleeves as we can truly marvel at the saga as an 'Epic'

Lucas's Faust-ian tale will deliver as planned with the Episode III - Anyone read Faust? The similarities to Anakin's fall and resurrection through love is are uncanny!

Great work as always Rik - the covers torrent sounds awesome (still hinting for split screen empire and edit:Jedi
STAR WARS: the alt.binaries.starwars thread
lol - I've been a master of bit torrent for a couple of years, yet always heard of the riches offered by newsgroups - damn thing is I haven't a clue on how to go about getting to the premier stuff @ star wars newsgroup. Basically I've been obtaining my re-edits via torrent and would like to get into the realm of newgroups!

I'm on AOL in the UK and it would seem they've abolished their newsgroup reader - they link to 'google groups' which features usenet but the alt.binaries isn't in there - basically I'm a fish out of water - could someone enlighten me either here or via PM on how his business works - some browsing of yahoo search results for 'alt.bin...' leads me 2 various dead ends

How do I subscribe? Is it necessary to pay the $s for a quality service? What's it like in the UK?

I'll edit the heck out of this when I know what's going on - soz if I appear like a flake lol
New ROTS Trailer
I'm in the UK & got up at 6am to download this mother - and it made my body tingle and my eyes well up at the sheer majesty of this (and I'd seen the horid peruvian & flicker boots)

SW is going out with a BANG - it's a shame some suited hag will resurrect the franchise 4 the movie theatres when Lucas dies - but right now we are in the rush of an upcoming Star Wars film 4 the last time .... and it's gonna be a great one!

22 years after Jedi (when I was 12) - here we are