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Making our own 35mm preservation--my crazy proposal

Brooks said:

negative1 said:


of course, we have a much better print,

and with cleanup and some color correction,

that version looks fantastic!




these look great, even these prints are very watchable, makes me excited for the better print!!

My above post was a reply to this. I can't edit it for some reason. I totally agree and can't wait.

STAR WARS - Special Widescreen Edition (Technidisc) (Released)

Moth3r said:

Screenshots now up here.

The first thing I noticed was the contrast (white level); the DVD recorder seems to have captured this very low and I'd recommend upping the white level if you go for a second attempt.

So, this was done with a standalone DVD recorder? Can newer models convert letterbox to anamorphic?

I am really enjoying this transfer msycamore. Thanks for making it available.

Harmy's STAR WARS Despecialized Edition HD - V2.7 - MKV (Released)

Harmy said:

New clip:

There's a small glitch at the end that I already fixed but I didn't want to recut and reupload because of it.

I'd like to thanks to both DJ and Mattman, who both offered to send me clips from their upscales. This last clip actually uses the sandcrawler from a clip provided by DJ. The background is recreated using this 70mm scan and a custom made sky.

 This is great. I am so happy to see this scene restored. I'm thoroughly enjoying all of your work.

Topic closes its forums

bkev said:

I find the idea that they're closing due to fears of backlash is asinine. We are far in the minority, you understand - even if respected internet/video quality critics agree with us, I can assure you the forum would be filled with gushers praising that it was finally on blu-ray.

I must have visited their forums once or twice before and don't remember being impressed with the layout. Perhaps they're considering an upgrade? Whatever. I've got you people.


This is very true. The few times I’ve read this forum I noticed it is mostly frequented by the pro-“Special Edition” crowd. It is an unfriendly forum for original trilogy fans. So, I just choose not to look at it.