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Harry Potter Extended Editions

JJPotter said:

I have received some complaints regarding my fanedits, about how they are hosted, how they were rendered, etc. I want to clarify some things regarding my edits so those that request them will not be shocked by how they are set up.

  1. These edits have a STEREO audio output. While I would love to do a 5.1 mix at some point, that is outside of my realm of expertise to take a stereo deleted scene and turn it into a 5.1 mix. I have other editing aspects that I would rather be working on, like adding green screen scenes back in, rather than trying to do audio mixing. I do not have a 5.1 setup to test with, so even if I did a 5.1 mix, I would have no way of knowing whether the changes I made would be good for everyone. So a stereo output is what you will get.

  2. I do not run a torrent server and will not host these on Google Drive. I’m sorry if that is how you want them delivered to you in those ways. I pay monthly for the service that I do use out of my own pocket so those who are interested can download the edits. It costs downloaders nothing to get them. I have them set up to download in chunks so users can download them in pieces rather than trying to download a 10+ GB movie at one time. Not everyone has fast internet, something that is easily forgotten in this day and age. I have set them up so they are convenient for everyone. Please be patient when downloading. If the edits don’t mean enough to you to wait to get them, then don’t download them.

I’m sorry if these are disappointments to some users. They are how I have chosen to present my edits. The snarky remarks I have received over the past week tell me that some think they are entitled to my edits the moment they want them. I edit for myself and for the love of the fan editing community and that is what I try to remember when I get comments like I have this past week. These are likely not going to be what everyone wants. I have provided plenty of sample clips for you to see the edits that were made and what you will get. If these don’t meet the standards that you have or want, don’t request them. I don’t want to waste your time or bandwidth to get something that isn’t “perfect” for you.

Try not to worry what some people say, they think they are entitled to everything. I have got a 5.1 setup & the sound is fine on that. I have seen all your edits up to DH so far & I all I can say is wow!!

Requesting uploads of alternate Halloween series cuts...
Originally posted by: Johnboy3434
Originally posted by: calistoWill get them up on Rapidshare & lPM you the links when up.

YOU ROCK! Thanks, man. Well, now, all that's left is the Resurrection cuts. I can understand if not many people are as interested in those (although I think Busta Rhymes actually made the film interesting).

Links have been PM'ed M8