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'The Firm' - Fan Edit (Rough Cut completed)

Hey all,

I’ve got a working version of “The Firm” in HD that is available. Please let me know if you’d enjoy watching it and I can send the link via PM.

The new cut is two hours, shaving roughly 34 minutes of subplots and upping the pacing.

Currently, I’m waiting feedback for my “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” edit but with how that film isn’t that liked, hopefully “The Firm” can get people more excited!!

All the best and cheers,

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

Doctor M said:

Thank you for all the work you’ve done, and I completely understand. These things, unfortunately, happen. There are people that feel entitled and do crap like this.

I maintain the rule that anyone who asks me for one of my edits, but hasn’t been an OT member for at least a year and hasn’t posted a reasonable amount of comments to a couple threads in that time, does not get links.

Too many people find their way here from Google and sign up just to hit and run for some links.

While I agree that entitled people are a plague, I don’t think the fan edit community grows by keeping people away from the edits. I’m a relatively new fan editor (been doing some edits since October) and am waiting on my first edit’s approval over at IFDB. If no one got links until they’ve been bending over backwards for a year while established editors depart the scene for other things, then very few people ultimately get to see the great work being done by the community.

Part of the problem, as far as I can tell, is a lack of clear availability. Without mentioning too many specifics, I hope we see more file sharing communities pop up where people can find their way to these edits (with all credit paid to the original editors) without the hassle of having to send links.

People want fan edits because so often the edits improve on the original material. For most, I think requesting edits is a sign of passion rather than being over-privileged. Unfortunately, though, some people are just toxic. But you can find those toxic folks just looking out your window, let alone on an internet message board. To keep sane and energized, I just try to think of those who are passionate about media and new takes on classics.

Harry Potter Extended Editions (Released)

I’m sorry to hear about the deadbeat user who stole your work. As someone who already has your editions, I do hope you reconsider though. Here in the fan edit community we know all the hard work it takes to complete one edit - let alone a whole series of them.

The one user can distribute whatever he wants, but it won’t be your vision for the films - and that vision is what those who have stuck with your edits are looking for.

Fan editing has no financial reward, so it is all about the pursuit of making things even better and sometimes making the day of a fellow media buff. I hope you find the passion again and don’t let a punk ruin a good – no GREAT – thing.


Help: Q2's 'Between Two Worlds' Edits (Twin Peaks)

Hi all,

Q2 has made a number of fantastic David Lynch fanedits, many of which I’ve managed to track down. I was wondering if anyone had a link or access to his Between Two Worlds edits of Twin Peak’s season 3. As someone with access to the original show, I’d love to see the changes made.


Pride &amp; Prejudice &amp; Zombies - The Elizabeth Cut <em>NEW TRAILER</em> (Released)

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” from 2016 was a mixed bag as a parody, Austen adaptation, and zombie film. It lost track of Elizabeth and looked like a murky sci-fi channel original rather than the vibrant looking Austen films that it borrows from.

This edit looks to refocus the film on Elizabeth and her romantic trials with Darcy. It also attempts to rework the visuals and audio to be a much more pleasant and action-oriented experience.

Here is a new trailer to celebrate submission over at

Let me know if you’d like a link of v1.0 by leaving a message below or sending a PM. I plan on some tweaks coming in the future along with a 2K release.

Any thoughts on this initial version – that’s been eight months in the making – will be much appreciated!