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Info: AI Upscaling of Deleted Scenes and other content

So, I did something that I thought would be useful to some people here, and I thought I’d share. I’m a big fan of Hal9000’s edits of the prequels, but I always found it to be a bit jarring whenever I hit a deleted scene because, unfortunately, those scenes were only ever released on SD on the DVDs.

What I have done is run those original scenes through an AI upscaler to 225% their original size, making them a full 1920 x 816 px. While the result isn’t perfect, I think it turned out pretty well!

I have only done Attack of the Clones as of the moment, but let me know if you’d like other scenes done. I have a fairly powerful machine, it it doesn’t take too long for such short clips. And PM me if you would like a download link!

Edit: I’ve completed upscales for the Revenge of the Sith and Phantom Menace Deleted scenes as well. Phantom Menace doesn’t look super great, probably due in part to the low quality CG, but Revenge of the Sith is great, especially during close up shots.

I also have something else that may be of some interest to people. I’m a big lover of Adywan’s ESB Revisited, however, with the 4K release, I’ve felt more torn than usual between which version to watch. So, I’ve gone ahead and AI upscaled that to 1080p. For those keeping track at home, that’s 150% its original size. I personally think the results are quite good, and I’m much happier sticking with Adywan’s amazing version. One day I may do 4K, but I without HDR I don’t see too much of a point. Plus, I think the upscaler works best at about 150%. Pictures in the same google drive link.

Finally, I haven’t posted before, but I’d like to say, amazing work to everyone here! You’ve really made the prequels shine in my eyes!

A few completely random screenshots to give a gist of what to expect. If the embed isn’t working, here’s a direct link

Senate 2
Cloud City