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The history of Mortal Kombat arcade documentary

oojason said:

Interesting that, cheers. Was more a fan of the cartoon style StreetFighter back on the SNES - yet mates at the time all seems to love Mortal Kombat (love as in spend hour upon hour on it - yet not really getting any better 😉)

Loved your Star Wars arcade history doc too.

Thank you very much, I appreciate any and all feedback. Please subscribe if you haven’t already

The history of Star Wars arcade game documentary

JayArgonaut said:

Nicely edited. I enjoyed watching it.

A couple of things, Vektor Grafix also converted TESB for home computers and they produced a conversion of Star Wars for the Mac:

Yes, I was aware of the home conversions of the other games but my video was getting a bit long so I wanted to cut it.

I missed the Mac version, I wasn’t aware of that one. Thanks for pointing it out and thanks for watching.

The history of Star Wars arcade game documentary

Hello everyone, long-time lurker first time poster. I started a videogame documentary series and so far there are 11 videos on my channel. All classic retro games nothing before 1993.

The one I want to share with you is the Star Wars arcade game from 1983.

Other videos on my channel include rampage, Chase HQ, bad dudes, Mario brothers and more. Check them out let me know what you think

The Little Rascals (1994) TV Version w/ Deleted Scenes

crissrudd4554 said:

Thought I’d give this an update. Anyways about a month ago I found the TV edit in HD for free on OnDemand in the Freeform section and finally got around to capturing it. I was mostly gonna capture it, cut out the commercials, and join the remaining parts together and call it a night before I decided to turn this into a fun project for myself.

For example, there was things that I wanted to restore to the film from the theatrical cut such as uncensored dialogue, the outtakes montage during the closing credits as well as the full closing credits. At the same time I figured maybe I’d remove fade ins/outs for the commercials and have an essentially uncut version of the film.

Some downsides. I had to capture composite so the final result is in 4:3 letterbox. Furthermore I don’t have the BD or an HD version of the theatrical film on hand so to restore the bits I wanted to restore I had to capture my old anamorphic DVD to 4:3 letterbox so it would blend in better with the version I captured on OnDemand. For the most part the results aren’t too bad. This was mostly a project for myself anyways but wanted to present it incase anyone was interested. Furthermore the TV edit isn’t on OnDemand anymore presently so I cant for the time being do a recapture.

Some details of the capturing and editing. Video was captured with ION Video Capture while audio was captured with a VIDBOX capture device. Audio I edited together in Nero and exported as .wav while the video I edited together in Sony Vegas Movie Studio. The final video was rendered as an .mpg.

Some details of the extended/deleted scenes, some of which I think enhance the film somewhat:

  1. Extra bit at the end of fishing scene between Buckwheat and Porky where they are able to interpret Petey’s barking as telling them to go to the club’s emergency meeting.

  2. Longer emergency meeting including Spanky announcing that the go cart tournament will be on the upcoming Sunday.

  3. Slightly longer scene between Alfalfa and Darla in the row boat including her complimenting his voice and questioning if he’s embarrassed to be seen with her which he denies.

  4. Longer fire fighting scene. There’s many extra bits here including: a rascal attempting to stop the fire with a sprinkler but ends up squirting himself in the face, Buckwheat and Porky arriving at the telephone line, Waldo arriving at the scene, a fire truck driving by causing the gang to cheer but they are disappointed when it turns a corner and disappears.

  5. Longer court scene including Stymie questioning Buckwheat who testifies against Alfalfa. This scene IMO works better in this cut than the theatrical.

  6. Slightly longer bank scene which adds more to the irony of the gang running into the similarly clad bearded men outside. The men go inside the bank and the teller played by Mel Brooks initially thinks its the kids coming back and tells them to leave and yanks their beards. He’s shocked to discover the beards are real and that the bags the men are carrying holds $2 million. The men say they will take their money elsewhere and leave, leaving the teller speechless. Another scene I think should have been left in the theatrical cut.

  7. Slightly longer scene at Darla’s porch including Buckwheat pulling more stuff out of his pockets and Darla asking if this will take all day.

  8. Extra bit in the scene where Butch and Woim first attempt to steal The Blur. When Butch says it’ll be like stealing candy from a baby, Woim reminds him that the last time they did that they got the chicken pox.

  9. Slightly longer scene where Alfalfa asks Ms. Crabtree for a spot in the talent show. She tells him they are unfortunately tightly booked but he manages to get her to give him a slot in the show when he lies that his ill stricken aunt from Bulgaria has come to see him sing.

  10. Deleted scene where Darla confronts Alfalfa after his performance. She says this is worse than the picnic, locking her in the clubhouse, and wooing her. Its here she discovers that it was him she had spoken to at the ballet recital. Waldo arrives revealing he will be in the go cart race. He says he doesn’t know if he’ll enjoy his winning or Alfalfa’s losing more before walking off with Darla.

  11. Deleted bit of the gang doing a spolioli when they gather at the hill above the ruins of the club house.

  12. Deleted bit in the montage of the gang building the second Blur of a mother pushing a baby stroller who stops to tie her shoe. While she’s not looking two rascals swipe two wheels from the stroller and run off.

Some video specs:

Run Time: 1 Hour, 28 Mins., 16 Seconds.

Size: 3.91gb

Frame size: 720x480

Frame rate: 29f/s

Audio: 2 Channel Stereo

File Type: Movie Clip (.mpg)

Again I did this mostly for fun but it was a preservation project of some sort in the end and hence wanted to bring it up here. Yes a real HD version would be nice but unfortunately I’m limited in what I can do but still happy for the most part with what I ended up with. Audio syncs up pretty well. Some scenes the video may be a fraction of a second ahead of the video but not so much that its distracting. I also added custom black bars to make the cuts between both sources a little less obvious. Anyways I don’t have any immediate plans of where to present this but if anyones interested message me and I’ll see what I can do. Any questions please ask! Thanks guys! 😃

interested thanks