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The Smurfs and the Magic Flute - United States English Dub from 1983 - Remastered Edit

Heyo, I’m new here, and I like the idea of one of those types of “Edits” where multiple source from a film are used to make a definitive edition. 😄

But is there a way that I can request these if anyone has them? Please PM me if you can.

  • TV version where a part of the movie is shifted to the beginning
  • 2008 Rare Televista DVD of the movie with the 2nd USA English dub
  • That Chinese bootleg DVD mentioned with English audio (USA Dub?)
  • Fullscreen bootleg DVD with VHS quality of USA dub version

If anyone has these and can PM me with those versions, that would be appreciated. 😃 (I would prefer them to be ripped with DVD Decrypter and put into a .zip or something if possible)

EDIT: Hopefully someone can get that print and transfer it or something. I’m curious to see how it looks while playing.