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Exorcist II - The Heretic (1977) BluRay Project 1.0 (* cancelled - due to DVD release *)

docsap said:

I'm currently working on a completely new Blu-Ray release of The Heretic, that will replace this one (which I'm not seeding anymore BTW, I will delete it soon and I encourage anyone interested to wait for the new upcoming blu ray instead of downloading this one : the upcoming BD will feature both the director's cut and the official 110mn version completely reconstructed and remastered, and plenty of new bonus features too.

As for the "HD" version of The Heretic sold on I-tunes/Amazon that was previously discussed, I managed to grab it and compare it to my remastered version and, well, I'm going to have to stick to my guns, as it clearly appears the 1080p "HD" version sold by online retailers is nothing but an upscale - and the rather poor  compression and lack of remastering does the rest. The upscaled dvd used and remastered for this BluRay is, in my opinion, better.

 Oh my god! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank, you!!!!!! I did give you some feedback on this release noting my desire to see the other cut again & I really appreciate that you are now going to the effort to include it!! You're a god, Docsap!! I can't wait for the new release! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!! :D