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Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Edition HD Recreation (V3 Now Available.)

ElectricTriangle said:

Hi, this edit aims to be an HD recreation of the directors cut. If you can only watch standard definition DVDs, then I would just recommend watching the commercially available Director’s edition DVD.

Electric Triangle:
Hi, yes, since I don’t have an HD set and I just have a Standard set (and a pretty old one at that, lol) it would make more sense just to stick with the commercial version of the Director’s Edition on DVD which I already have along with the Original Theatrical Version-Widescreen DVD (commercial) and my VHS Full Screen transfer to DVD of the ST-TMP Special Longer Version from a 28 year old plus commercial tape (re-release in the 90’s). I have however been made aware of fan edit DVD versions of ST-TMP SLV most notably the one created by Fan Filtration in 2007 which I managed to recently acquire from someone who had it. Unfortunately I could not contact Fan Filtration in person since I read he is presently unavailable due to real-life health issues (according to his Facebook page at least) as of September. There are other fan edits of this movie I am interested in besides this one but I have no way to either get access to them (to have them in DVD format), contact their makers, or download video files for conversion to DVD. I am new at this sort of thing and my knowledge is restricted to copying VHS tapes or DVD’s to DVD using DVD recorders at home from DVD player connected up with dubbing cables (yes, the old-fashioned way, lol…I’m hopelessly old school I’m afraid) and downloading from Youtube videos then converting the files to mpeg then burning to DVD using certain computer online programs some people on this forum may be familiar with (Any Video Converter, WinX DVD Author) or duplicating discs on computer using Nero. But that’s as far as my expertise takes me. I do not know how to download otherwise. But thanks for your response anyway. I greatly appreciate it and your honesty. 😃 blacksheepone.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Director's Edition HD Recreation (V3 Now Available.)

To Electric Triangle (or whomever it may concern):
Hi, I am interested in seeing this Volume 3 completed fan edit of Star Trek The Motion Picture HD Recreation (purist version) or whatever fan edit of Star Trek-The Motion Picture Special Longer Version has been done. Unfortunately, I don’t have any expertise in either downloading files to computer or downloading files to computer then burning to a physical DVD. I would like to have a physical DVD of such ST-TMP fan edits (including this one) as I would like to compare it to the actual released commercial DVD’s of the movie which I already have. I started out with the VHS to DVD transfer of the ST-TMP SLV in Full Screen from a 28 year old VHS tape (re-release from the early 90’s) which as we all know was never released on DVD by you-know-who in either the Full Screen or Widescreen DVD formats. I also had been looking for an actual Widescreen DVD version of ST-TMP SLV (by Fan Filtration) mentioned elsewhere in this forum and finally acquired a copy from someone else (not Fan Filtration sadly) recently. I was not previously aware that such fan edits were possible but I am glad ST fans have at least been making the attempt. I would love to see this completed fan edit and those of the other 10 original ST films provided they exist, and I’m pretty sure that they do. I just don’t know how to get access to them. If there is some way that I can be put in touch with Electric Triangle or anyone else on this forum who might know how I can get a physical DVD of this particular fan edit (or others, the more the merrier, I’m pretty open-minded on these things) by E-mail or other means, I would greatly appreciate contact at your convenience and we can go from there. Thanks. Btw, believe it or not ST-TMP is my personal favorite of the 10 original ST films (although I prefer 1-6 of those 10). blacksheepone. 😃 (Jim)

RELEASED: "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Special Longer Version)"

blacksheepone said:

Hi, I am a new member and just found about this.
I do understand that this item is not for sale.
However, I would like a copy of the Star Trek-The Motion Picture
3 disc DVD Mega Set since it is the complete 2 hour 26 minutes
version created by FanFiltration. How can I obtain it?
Please let me know at your convenience. Thanks!
Btw, I have the VHS ST-TMP Special Longer Version release
(transferred to DVD) in Full Screen (from 1983, out of print),
the studio DVD release of the original 131 minute Theatrical Version
(which does not include the VHS 12 extra minutes of footage) in Widescreen,
and the studio DVD release of the Director’s Edition which includes the
added/deleted scenes (theatrical and Extended TV Versions) as Special Features.
Neither of these official DVD releases have the full 2 hr. 25 minute version.
Why Paramount didn’t just go ahead and release the Special Longer Version on
DVD since they also released it on VHS first as opposed later to the edited
Theatrical release makes absolutely no sense to me. At least they did do a
Director’s Edition where the Added/Deleted Scenes were actually included
separately which I guess is better than nothing. At any rate, I would be
very interested in seeing your “preservation” version as I’m quite certain
that from the description of it and the responding posts from ST fans it
sounds to me like a labor of love. Thanks for reading and I look forward
to your reply hopefully in the near future. Oh–I am in the U.S.
And sorry about the length. I like to be thorough and share info. 😃