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4k77 released

Williarob said:

The 1080p version is available ready to burn, with menus etc. Not much point creating an ISO for the 4K version, as most people can’t burn it, and those who can probably won’t be able to play it anyway.

If you reduce the bitrate far enough to fit it on a BD50, it may or may not play on your UHD player (most won’t). blank BD 100 M discs are not cheap, and many will not work on your stand alone UHD player.

Most UHD players have a USB input, and can play MKV files, so why not just put that file on an external drive or USB stick and plug that in? Why bother with burning a disc at all? Is it really worth all that extra effort just to see a menu and click play? The end result is exactly the same: you watch the movie on your TV.

If all you want is a case on the shelf, then print one out and stuff an SD card or USB stick inside it.

First of all - The work you all have done and time spent on this is mind blowing. Not sure if a high-five or “awesome job” offers the proper amount of affirmation. On the UHD - burning/playing; strictly for the purpose of assembling a DEED collection I purchased a Blu-ray burner and made it capable for user friendly UHD burning and playing in standalone UHD players. Man, I even bought a Canon Pixma printer to print on the discs.(been obsessed lately). Anyway, I’ve created discs of Harmy’s and the 4Kxx 1080p versions. I’ve paused on the UHD versions due to confusing information out there on burning and playing the UHD made at home discs. I have XL Blu-rays ready to use. Can you expand on what you were mentioning about the burning and play-ability of UHD discs? I created ISO’s of the 4K versions using tsMuxer. What hiccups or speed bumps/roadblocks could I run into either burning the 4K iso’s of 77/83 and playing them via a player?