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Help/Info Wanted: 'Regular Show' - Uncensored/Original Cuts

ThiefCobbler4ever said:

"General Notes:
When originally aired, the (first) episode The Power, features 2 lines of dialogue which were later altered:

*How in the “H” are we going to fix this “S”?" to "How in the heck are we going to fix this stuff?

*“But he’s gonna be pissed!” to But he’s gonna be ticked!"

Another episode, Meat Your Maker, also features a line which was later altered:

*“You pissed me off.” to “You ticked me off.”

These alterations are found on The Complete First and Second Seasons set. However, the original unaltered version of The Power can be found on the Regular Show: Slack Pack release. Unfortunately, the unaltered version of Meat Your Maker has not been released on DVD or Blu-ray."

Good to know. I wish The Power one was available on Blu-Ray, and about the Meat Your Maker one, I’m assuming the only way to see it would be to find an HDTV capture, right?

Edit: I just realized when I was looking for Regular Show with 5.1 audio, I got an AVC 720p HDTV capture of The Power which happens to have that *How in the “H” are we going to fix this “S”?" line intact. It’s not very high bitrate though unfortunately (~2 Mbps). Might not even be better than the Slack Pack DVD.

Help/Info Wanted: 'Regular Show' - Uncensored/Original Cuts

SpacemanDoug said:

I just inspected a few episodes on HBO Max and they all seem to be uncensored except for the first two episodes and Terror Tails of the Park uses its re-arranged version rather than the original version that first aired (I actually never got why this one was done)

Interesting. This is good to note. I didn’t even know the Terror Tales of the Park was ever re-arranged (assuming you’re talking about the first one).


Help/Info Wanted: 'Regular Show' - Uncensored/Original Cuts

ThatPixarGuy said:

I’m pretty sure the Season 1+2 BD set has the uncut episodes. I’m guessing streaming services like Hulu, etc (if Hulu even has RG anymore,) have the edited versions. Don’t quote me on that though. I’m a big fan of the show myself.

I’m honestly not sure at this point how to tell what the most original versions even look like. It seems as if there’s a bunch of different versions of some episodes, like one with these cuts/edits but not these, and vice-versa. You might be right about the Blu-Ray though, I’ll have to check somehow.

This reminds me of how I was trying to find real 5.1 sources for the show, and no surprise looks like it’s just HDTV that has any surround. The Blu-Ray says
I realize now though that if most of the edited/censored versions of the episodes were aired on TV/HDTV, then there may not be 5.1 of the unedited/uncensored episodes (or at least that would be easy to find). Just a thought though, not that important.

Help/Info Wanted: 'Regular Show' - Uncensored/Original Cuts


So basically, I had just written up this post about Regular Show that was all over the place with different goals in mind. Decided to scrap it and start over, as it made very little sense.

OK, so there has been a lot of censoring to various episodes of Regular Show in every season, as seen here:

Ultimately, I’d like to find the absolute original versions of as many of these as possible, but that seems like it would be very difficult for a lot of reasons (for example not sure if there is a definitive place, time, or channel in which all of these might have aired).

For some reason, it seems to me that Season 1 had the biggest changes, and well being the first season of the show, it would make sense to start with that. Really the only thing I know right now is that some uncensored episodes (not sure which or anything) can be found on the Slack Pack DVD, but I have not been able to find this anywhere to confirm. Even then there has got to be better quality, like HDTV or something, right?

Anyone who is an avid fan of this show, maybe they could help me, or even if you are not and would like to help, I will absolutely take it. I appreciate any effort.


Help: Looking for extended Freeform/ABC versions of Harry Potter films

Hi, first, I just want to apologize if there is anything wrong with this post, as it is my first one. I am looking for the seemingly quite rare extended versions of the Harry Potter films that aired on Freeform/ABC. I mostly want films 3-8, just because I assume the Freeform/ABC extended versions of films 1 & 2 are identical to the released ones for those (on Blu-Ray/DVD). Hopefully, someone has these in 1080i or 1080p or something and would be able to send them to me, as I would really appreciate it.

Also, something I’m wondering that maybe someone here can help me answer: Were any of the extended versions aired open matte? That would be even better than just an open matte or extended.