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ESB and ROTJ Wishlist
Originally posted by: Darth Lars
Originally posted by: Bobocop
But seriously, the Anakin head transplant doesn't really bother me. He's a ghost, so I think he just appears as he sees himself.
In my opinion, it is what Luke sees, so they should appear as Luke expects to see.
Leia looks at the same spot, but sees nothing. Luke expects to see a 45-year old healthy man and that is what I think the audience should also see. Sebastian Shaw was 76 years old.

If Christensen is in there, then for consistency's sake, Alec Guiness and Yoda should be exchanged for Ewan McGregor and a tadpole.

The point some of us are trying to make is that Vader kind of spent 20 or so years in this limbo. So he wasn't 'himself' when he aged from his late 20s or however old he was in ROTS, to when he finally redeemed himself. Both Obi-Wan and Yoda stayed true to themselves through-out there life, so their ghost images are that of the person they were when they died. But Vader's is of who he was before he fell to the Dark Side. I don't feel too strongly one way of the other, I guess. Hayden or Sebastian, it's a small moment and they both have their merits (Shaw has a nice loving father expression, so I won't complain however Adywan chooses to do it. Well, unless he rotoscopes Jake Llloyd in there, but I am confident he won't. Hah.

Originally posted by: Killbot
Originally posted by: Johnny Ringo

NOTHING in the movies indicates he is such a great bounty hunter. So he managed to capture Han Solo? Yeah, with the aid of a sith lord and a few dozen imperial troops. Even Greedo managed to find Solo....

When Fett is first introduced, Vader is adressing the bounty hunters, but makes a specific point of reminding Fett there are to be "no disintegrations." This makes Fett bad-ass in that he is the only one adressed individually by Vader. It implies that either Fett is notorious for disintegrating people in general, or there has been some kind of specific incident that Vader is reffering to... perhaps Fett has hunted someone down for the Empire or Vader at some point in the past, but disintegrated them? If that's the case, then why was he not only allowed to live, but called back for a new job? He must be bringing something to the table.

Then, when the Falcon disappears, Fett is the only one who figures out where it went. He arranges to have Slave One jettisoned with the garbage, and then somehow deduces that Han will head for Bespin. When Vader et all turn up at Cloud City, it's because Fett must've known about the Han/Lando connection.

In the carbon freezing chamber, Fett has the cajones to challenge Vader on his decision to freeze Han. Vader's response is to promise Fett money, instead of simply force-strangling him like he tends to do to other people who piss him off. Vader obviously either has some degree of respect for him, or at least sees him as too useful to kill.

Lastly Fett gets off the first few shots in his firefight with Luke, keeping him pinned down and escaping.

The guy's clearly a badass. Unless you bump his jet pack with a stick.

Vader telling Fett not to disintegrate could be construed that Fett is reckless and a lousy bounty hunter, actually. If he was an assassin, maybe it would make more sense. But it's like somebody telling Dog the Bounty Hunter not to blow the head off his quarry with a shotgun...

(but I do give the guy points for that trash move, that would seem that he's good at empathetic detecting, thinking in the same way as his pray)

Anyway, kind of going back on topic: I have a little bit of a concern. Adywan will probably be getting more and more popular, as will these projects. Seems to be that it's only a matter of time before LucasFilm hands out a Cease and Desist order...anybody else concerned of this?
ESB and ROTJ Wishlist
Originally posted by: teharri
I just watched ROTJ today and I thought of something else. The DS2 battle at the end needs some fixing. In the throne room I think the battle should be moved closer so that the ships are not just tiny blinking dots. Also the Super Star Destroyer needs a better end to it. It has such a lame crash.

You know, that does make sense. I think the battles would be closer than we saw. Probably a compromise because of the limits of FX back in 1982/83. Could be really painstaking to go in and roto in a bunch of spaceships in every shot, but it's Adywan we're talking about here!

EDIT: I didn't read the past posts because every time I come back there is a million, but then I did go back and read some, mainly Ady's stuff...the picture is locked, rendering my original post moot. No problem.

But I would like to now chime in and express that I feel replacing Ponda's arm with Dr. Evazan's is totally the right decision. That was kind of a minor niggle or mine, now it looks to be 100% fixed.
I agree with Fuser about the music. It sounds a little high in the mix when there is dialogue and stuff. Could just be on the Xvid though, I think converting to that format can sometimes screw with your sound leveling.

One thing that I noticed seemed to be missing from the alterations, though. In your list in the first post you say that the Falcon now goes into hyperspace after the TIE skirmish, but it just flies away from camera and we cut to the Vader/Tarkin scene. Did you forget to modify the shot to show it entering hyperspace, or was it intentionally left out?
ESB and ROTJ Wishlist
Originally posted by: Joshua_Blue
Again, a couple more ideas:
now a bolder suggestion: emperor's minions could perhaps (if technically possible) changed from humans to neimoidians. There is plenty of neimoidian footage in the PT. This would be really a minor change since emperor's minions play no real role in the OT, but as neimoidian opportunistic nature suggests, they stay close to the ruling party - the emperor.

But after he becomes Emperor, isn't Palpatine supposed to become a 'specist', which is why the Empire is entirely human? Because he has a disdain for non-humans.

Anyway, some humble suggestions from me...

Change Captain Needa's shuttle to a Tydirium model...I hate the stupid block thing that they left in for the SE

Get rid of that terrible new Wampa footage. It doesn't even remotely match the original stuff...the lighting, the creature design, none of it. I also think the scene is more effective without the added footage.

Maybe articulate Yoda a little more to make him look more like the CG version in the PT.

Something should be done about the Emperor scene, but retaining McDiamird as the Emperor IMO is a must.

If this edit is made to fit into the PT canon, Fett's voice should probably stay as Morrison. Unless you can 'fanon' it and make up some thing about his larynx being damaged or something. Or like Gorilla said a voice scrambler. Maybe you can even alter Wingreen's versions to sound either more digital or like Morrison's voice, because Morrison's delivery was really weak here.

I don't mind the added Star Destroyer stuff, but maybe you can just cut the landing scene so we see the shuttle coming in to land, but never actually land. That, or find a way to make the landing footage new...could be extremely difficult. As for Vader's lines...well doesn't the original 'Prepare my shuttle' line from the OOT version make sense even with the added footage? Couldn't you just use that instead of the pointless changed line?


Lapti Nek and YubNub need to make a serious comeback. But if you use the original puppet footage, maybe remove Sy Snootle's 'snot', the string that goes from her mouth to the microphone (I assume) to control the effect. It's so obvious that I even noticed it when I was a kid.

The Sarlaac pit needs to go back to it's beakless state.

Don something about Yoda's finger/hand bending during his death's an obvious rubber hand.

Leave the poor Ewoks alone, I never minded them.

I actually like Hayden appearing as a ghost. It's a kind of visualization for the "Vader betrayed and murdered Anakin" thing and to me, it just makes sense that his spirit would be that of who he was before he went to the Dark Side.
Hi, I just joined the forum to give some feedback on this project. It is, in a word: AMAZING. DLed all the clips I could find and was blown away. The level of professionalism is astounding. I have been giving the links out to people to get them to check it out. Can't wait to get my hands on this. Most of the alterations I agree with, but there are a few that I don't. I know it's too late to be giving feedback that could effect change, but I feel the need to say it anyway...

3PO's line about the Princess on the Tantive IV actually makes sense to me. He would have heard about her just through rumors and stuff, so although he hadn't met her, or seen her image since ROTS, he'd still know of her. It's a minor complaint, though...nothing major.

There are also a few things that I always wanted to see added to the movie...

1: In the Tantive IV vs Star Destroyer scene, I think it would have been cool if there were TIEs and X-Wings (or Y-Wings) dogfighting in the sky. I just think it makes sense for a cruiser to have an escort wing of fighters, and the SD would launch it's own fighters to help soften up the cruiser and take care of it's escorts.

2: I wanted to add the Imperial March into the scene where Vader first enters the Tantive IV, and also when he orders the two TIE pilots to come with him later in the movie, and maybe elsewhere. Just to give the saga a consistency.

I think that's all I got. Again, amazing work, really looking forward to the finished product.