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FAN EDIT REQUEST THREAD - Post your dream Fan Edits Here!

My idea is to work on Alan Parker’s first movie ‘Bugsy Malone’. Parker commissioned Paul Williams for the soundtrack - who wrote some great songs for the movie - but the choice of adults singing the kids song has always grated with me - as indeed it did for the director and composer respectively:

From Wikipedia:

Williams later wrote “I’m really proud of the work and the only thing I’ve ever doubted is the choice of using adult voices. Perhaps, I should have given the kids a chance to sing the songs.” Parker also commented: “Watching the film after all these years, this is one aspect that I find the most bizarre. Adult voices coming out of these kids’ mouths? I had told Paul that I didn’t want squeaky kids’ voices and he interpreted this in his own way. Anyway, as the tapes arrived, scarcely weeks away from filming, we had no choice but to go along with it!”

I am going to try for my first fan edit trying to sync (where possible) the London stage cast recording. It’s probably going to be far harder than I think it may be but I will probably start by editing in a scene which only has a few people in it like ‘Tomorrow’ . Rough tryouts look promising. It’s going to have it’s own challenges though I’m sure - I’m going to have to edit some scenes to try and get the lip-synching correct and maybe even shrink or stretch some playback.

(I got inspired by reading about an edit of film The Phantom of the The Opera but which used the London stage cast recording for the songs rather than the film singing. Has anyone tried doing this with BM before? )

Is this a bit of an ambitious idea for a first fan edit?