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Info: OT Bootleg DVDs
they are not anamorphic. but in my opinion that is a SMALL price to pay for the quality of these DVDs. if there comes a time that anamorphic dual layerd dvd-9s of the OT become available, i will purchase them as well (im a completist), but for now this set PROUDLY sits in my home theatre collection. no set (and as i stated earlier i've boughten a few, including an anamorphic version) comes close to this set.

hope this info helps
Info: OT Bootleg DVDs

this is the set i bought and recieved just today (correction - this is not the exact same set - after emailing the seller the transfers of the actual films seems to be identical BUT THE BONUS DVD is different - i have yet to find a seller on ebay offering this)

i have personally owned 5 different versions of the OT and this one is the keeper for me.

video quality is easily 9.5 out of 10
audio quality (my reciever is displaying DD 2.0 and the covers of the discs themselves proclaim DD THX SURROUND) is BY FAR the best mix i have heard. crisp dialog and deep encompassing surrounds.

if the quality of the films themselves wasn't selling point enough for me the bonus dvd blew me away.

included on it are

every theatrical trailer (revenge of the jedi trailer as well)
production stills gallery.
behind the scenes featurette.
archive featurette
3 deleted scenes (about 15 or so minutes)
3 interviews (about 25 minutes)
and the complte FROM STAR WARS TO JEDI making of the trilogy documentary (approx 60 mins)

the quality of all these suppliments is outstanding.

anyways, just wanted to drop you guys a line to make you aware of yet another version floating around. i picked mine up for $55 (shipping included) and i am MORE than happy with the set.

ps- it's a 4 dvd set, each film on a seperate disc and the (approx 2 hours) suppliments rounding out the 4th dvd