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Can we get other directors in on the crusade?
Two that come to mind as being ones to support our cause would be Ridley Scott and James Cameron. Both have put out special editions of their movies while at the same time preserving the original work. If Lucas won't listen to us, he'll listen to his peers. I just picked up the Legend: Ultimate Edition the other day and even though the original theatrical release was much inferior to the Director's Cut, and Ridley Scott expressed a lot of regret that the original film came out the way it did, he still made sure that the DVD set included the original release. James Cameron has also treated the original release of the Abyss with the same respect, even though it was also marred by having huge parts of the story cut out (to the point that the aliens' final message to Ed Harris makes NO sense in the original film, but almost brings a tear to your eye in the Director's Cut once you see it in the correct context). Maybe we can get these guys on our side and try to talk some sense into Lucas. It is like John Lasseter said in the 60 minutes story about Pixar the other night, when a director releases a movie it is like a parent letting their children grow up and leave the nest - even though you made them what they are, once they leave home they're no longer entirely yours anymore. They belong to everyone who loves them.