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star wars battlefront 2 controversy thoughts

Jeebus said:

TV’s Frink said:

Without even reading that, my response would be “if you insist on unlocking everything and don’t have the time or money, this is probably not the game for you.”

Then what other game could Star Wars fans play? The last non-EA Star Wars FPS is 12 years old. EA has a monopoly on Star Wars games, we either play this or nothing. Characters shouldn’t even be locked in the first place, at least not Luke and Vader, and definitely not locked by an insane 40 hour grind. On top of that, the idea that the 40 hour grind can be totally supplanted by spending more money spits in the face of a fair and balanced game.

you can play og battlefront 2

iso star wars tv recordings

chyron8472 said:

Possessed said:

I thought he was asking if he’s trying to mimic a tv broadcast he saw as a child.

Also that.

at348, Are you wanting it to be HD quality, or are you wanting it to look and feel like a TV broadcast from back in the day?

Im not recreating anything. I’m just looking for star wars movie recordings that aired on fox network