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Idea: The Arcto Edit - Return Of The Jedi Fan Edit (* unfinished project *)

This is my new ROTJ Fan Edit, I felt that there were not enough of them out there and the ones which did exist were good but felt unfinished.

Here is what I plan to do anyway.

Make the Dagobah sequence come first

My reason for this is because it is in my opinion, the most important thing Luke must do left open for this film, keep his promise to Yoda. Plus it is one of the few ESB style scenes out there and it sets the main plot right at the begining. I am also going to add Luke crafting his lightsaber on Dagobah and add the entire deleted scene along with Vaders calling (cleaned up and remastered).

Shorten the Jabbas Palace sequence to start only when Luke comes in.

This sequence is way too long, no exuses. It takes up a quater of the entire film and all that needs to happen is that the rescue Han Solo, plain and simple. Leia will also be Jabbas most beautiful slave girl right from the get go and Han will already be free from carbonite. Luke fights the Rancor, driven to the sarlac, kills everyone, and then goes.

Cut out the Ewoks, but re-add deleted scenes to make up for loss of screen time.

I will add tons of deleted scenes to confonsate for the pacing, I will even add some deleted scenes from empire possibly.

Make the film less cheesy all together

I will make the film seem like the direct sequel to ESB, and make it about Lukes journey to redeam his father, I will get rid of all stupid comedy and ect.

This will be avalible on Fan soon, in a few months at most, if you would like to be part of this fan edit and colaborate with me then you are more than welcome to.

Return of the Jedi: Radical Re-Edit (Released)

Hello Dan Editor

I have seen your edit and thoroughly enjoyed it, my favroite changes have to be making Han Solo come across as a loving boyfriend rather than an unkind, overprotective, moron. It is also heart warming to see a character that cocky to make such a change over a trilogy rather than a step backwards in maturity from the last film.

 I also love the change of music at the end, this is so much better than Yub Nub. I have to say the original is the rubbish but you fixed that real good.

I am just getting into Fan Editing (I've wanted to do it for ages but my 2.3 GHZ CPU and 3.0 GB RAM stopped Sony Vegas from working) and I am hoping to fix those problems in the future, I was wondering if I could help you maybe create a Star Wars Return of the Jedi Remastered. Because much as I loved you edit it was quite bad quality and I belive it should recieve a remastered release with 5.1 surround sound and a cleanup and upscale. I will do this all for you because I love this edit alot and I want to make it look like a proffesional film. This will include changing the Jabba subtitles to make them on the video and the same font as the original, rather than off the video and a different font. Can I have permission to do this.

Do you think Disney will release the unaltered versions for DVD and blue ray

I want to know what you guys think. I also want to know If you think they might take out all the bad stuff out of the special editions such as the Jabba the Hut scene in a new hope, but keep the extra CGI spaceships, Backrounds and enhanced quality of the film.


Id love to see improved Lightsabers In the Special Editions, which the havnt really done anything with.