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THE TITANIC [Titanic Restructured] (Released)

Such a great and wonderful edit!

Did watch it for the second time (the first being at its release, 2 years ago) and was very suprised how original it was. Loved how the story with Old Rose is gone, and the movie focuses entirely on the 1912 accident.

A very different approach from the editor on this one compared with his other movies. Definetly was very interesting to watch! And will again in the future!

Keep it up! ❤️

Lord of the Rings: A Hobbit's Tale [The Hobbit Remade] (Released)

Well…watched it two times already and what can I say…

An amazing edit! It so flawlessly travels throu scenes, combining the three movies with such a great pace.
Althou second time I watched it almost fall asleep in the Riddles in the Dark scene. It seemed longer compared to the time separated for the other scenes. But as we know its an important chapter so maybe there was little to trim from!?

Overall a really great project! A fresh new take on the movies and must watch for every one who thinks of himself as a fan!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [Revisited] (Released)

Just last night watched the v2 of Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets. And compared to the v1 of your edits, the reacton was - WOW! 😮

Really the movies do seem more darker even from your first versions. Pace and consistency is significantly improved in both films (mostly in the first).
Score is very well picked, thou I must confess that I miss the “detective-ish” score from Inception in the Chamber of Secrets from v1 and the way you twisted the plot there about Harry and everyone starting to think that he is the heir of (the spoiler)…

Keep it up! Already started to make marathons with your HP edits!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [Revisited] (Released)

Chase Adams said:

Can someone please provide a link to the threads for all of these edits? I can’t find them and I suck at navigating that website! 😄

Sure thing, buddy. 😃

This is the IFDB for the Sorcerer’s Stone:
And the forum thread for the movie:

And this is the IFDB for the Chamber of Secrets:
Plus the forum discussion:

Also you can click on the faneditor name on the IFDB pages, to check some of Anjohan’s other edits.

Game of Thrones - Film III - A Feast for Crows (Released)

As I read the info and update posts it just sounds sooo amazing.

I like the way you find connection in the names of the projects with the actual story plot in them, not just randomly writing some names!

I would mention (again) that it would be lovely to hear some of the original soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi in a place or two, if not in this movie, then in the upcoming one(s).

Keep it UP, Andreas!

Game of Thrones - Film II - A Storm of Swords (Released)

Aaaaaw, I’m glad to see that you have the second edit in progress(even nearly finished), Andreas!

Very excited when I see that you have an upcoming project!

I can’t think of any ideas to give you right now, except the one I once told you - try to add score from another source, different than LOTR. But If your mind is set for Howard Shore’s score only - so be it!

Keep it up, my friend!